When was the last time you visited a nursing home? What did you notice? Nursing homes are filled with women. Why? Is it that men die first? Is it that women live too long? It’s a combination of both. More importantly it’s because women run out of money and ending life in a nursing home becomes a financial proposition and an application to Medicaid. Women take years out of the workforce unpaid to raise children and care for family members. There’s no way to make up this income, no way to return dollars to social security or retirement accounts. No one left to care for women when they survive spouses and need care. No money left for care. If you’re a women, consider how caregiving can affect your career and retirement income and make a financial plan to avoid ending your life in a nursing home.

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PAMELA D. WILSON, MS, BS/BA, NCG, CSA helps caregivers and aging adults solve caregiving problems and manage caregiving needs through online programs, live support groups, and an extensive caregiving library that includes articles, podcasts, videos, and webinars.

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