Pamela D Wilson Caregiving Author

Pamela D. Wilson is the author of The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes. In this book, Wilson shares information for adult children and spouses who become unexpected caregivers. 

The Caregiving Trap: Imperfect Family Relationships

Unexpected Caregivers

Many caregivers report that they express frustration in working through the challenges of the healthcare system. Becoming an unexpected caregiver benefits from seeking caregiver support The unknowns often result in missteps and do-overs in care situations that seem forever challenging. 

Caregiving Author Loses Both Parents, A Brother, and a Sister 

As a caregiving author, Pamela’s life experience, rather than being viewed as heartbreaking, supports the sharing of many common caregiving experiences in her book. From 2009 to 2011 Pamela produced and hosted The Caring Generation®, a radio program of support for caregivers on 630 KHOW-AM in Denver. The Caring Generation returned to the airways in July 2019 and continues today. 

The first run of The Caring Generation radio program transformed into The Caring Generation website of support for caregivers. Through listener requests, Pamela became the caregiving author know for her book The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes. 

Glimpses Into the Life of a Caregiving Author

Wilson’s personal and professional caregiving experience serves Pamela well as a credentialed and authentic caregiving author who shares real-life caregiving experiences. Prior to becoming a professional caregiver, Pamela was a caregiver for her elderly parents. She also served in volunteer positions.

According to Wilson, “Volunteering to help others was a life-changing experience. Helping others made a difference in my life. It wasn’t until those volunteer positions ended, that I realized the effect that I had on others. The mother of a disabled woman called and told me what I difference I made in the life of her daughter. The brother of an elderly woman wrote me a letter after she passed away. These experiences led me to the role that I have today as a caregiving expert and advocate.” 

The end of book chapter stories from The Caregiving Trap that are titled Tales of the Caring Generation has been lauded by readers as some of the favorite parts of the book as these caregiving stories offer glimpses into Pamela’s personal life as a caregiver for her parents and into her life as a caregiving advocate.

Praise for the Caregiving Author 

Pamela Wilson has provided us with an information-rich, enormously detailed and practical, very deeply personal, and even fearless exploration and understanding of the all-too-often simply overwhelming care-giving process. It will be a book—like her practice phone number—that I keep within close reach in my own office, and imagine sharing with patients and their families for years to come. – Jay Schneiders, PhD., ABPP, Clinical Neuropsychologist & Health Psychologist

Caregiving Author

The Caregiving Trap by Pamela D Wilson

“Today is the time to make connections with our parents before time passes. Time also for the conversation of care, years before care is needed.” Pamela Wilson asks the reader to appreciate the fragility of life by valuing our relationships and to take a proactive stance by realizing that how we live now will shape the future as we age. She offers a toolbox of strategies to help the caregiver move forward with foresight, knowledge, and skills to plan for the future. – Tina Wells, MA, Alzheimer’s Association Colorado

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