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I’m Pamela D Wilson. Caregivingspeak is my Twitter name. I believe that caregivers should have a voice and be heard. This caregiver survey gives family and professional caregivers the opportunity to speak up. It’s time to raise awareness in society and in the workplace about the contributions of caregivers.

Caregiver SurveyCaregivers are underrepresented and unappreciated. The efforts of caregivers are not recognized in the workplace; caregivers juggle work and caregiving responsibilities. Working caregivers with full-time jobs work another twenty or more hours each week caring for aging parents. Some family caregivers lose their jobs because of caring for elderly parents.

Working caregivers in the roles of CNAs, care staff in nursing homes, assisted living communities, hospitals, and in-home care work hard and are unappreciated. A lack of training and support by companies is one reason for the high turnover in care staff. I help interested corporations create workplaces where people matter. 

Speak Up and Be Heard Complete this Caregiving Survey

Speak up and be heard. By completing this caregiving survey you have a voice. The ideas and concerns you share will be featured in new articles on this website, on my weekly talk radio program The Caring Generation®, and in my social media posts Facebook and Twitter. Together we raise awareness and champion positive change for caregivers from all walks of life.

Caregiver SurveyAs a thank you for completing this caregiving survey I’ll send you a link to a popular article on my website called Why Is Caregiving So Exhausting Even Though You Love Your Parents? This article shares humor and laugher that I believe to be essential in caregiving.

I’ll also send you occasional emails with links to videos and content that I will create as a result of your feedback so that you know your voice is heard. If you don’t find the information helpful, you can opt-out at any time.

Thank you for participating in this caregiver survey, please answer the questions are below. Your responses are confidential.

P.S.  There’s more information below the survey. Pamela

Caregiver Survey

Share your caregiving experiences in this caregiver survey. Your responses will be used to create more helpful information that you can access on this website including articles, videos, and talk radio program featured information. Thank you for your participation. Pamela D Wilson

  • Please share your primary caregiving relationship. Who is the person you most often care for?
  • What is your primary caregiving concern?
  • For the caregiving concern that you selected above, explain what worries you the most.
  • If you could change anything about your caregiving situation what would you change?
  • Of the following which would you be most likely to use to obtain caregiving support and information.
  • What question about your caregiving situation would you like answered?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Did you Complete the Caregiver Survey?

Just checking. Did you complete the caregiver survey? If yes, thank you. If not, scroll back up, complete the caregiver survey, and then return here for more helpful information for caregivers.

The FREE caregiving library, Caring for Aging Parents caregiving blog, and The Caring Generation Radio program on this website are for you. Many of the ideas for articles and my weekly radio show come from questions asked by caregivers.

Caregiver SurveyBy making caregiving something that we talk about instead of a subject that we are embarrassed to discuss, we can embrace the critical role of caregivers around the world. Family and professional caregivers have a desire to help.

Raise Awareness of Caregiving Issues

Caregivers express similar concerns. Whether you live in the United States, Canada, Europe, or India you can make a difference for each other. By asking for help from your families and the workplace you raise awareness of caregiving issues one person at a time.

This caregiver survey allows you to share your story. While medical systems and healthcare may vary by country, caregivers express common worries like:

  • finding support within or outside of families
  • identifying reliable resources that you can trust
  • gaining confidence to respond to health concerns
  • working with healthcare providers
  • managing work-life balance
  • paying for care

Young caregivers may be going to college or starting a career while caring for middle-aged parents. Older caregivers in their 70’s may be caring for elderly parents in their 90’s. No matter the difference in age, all caregivers have similar experiences.

You Can Make a Difference

Caregiver SurveyYou can make a difference by talking about caregiving. Make a difference by sharing information about the work and needs of caregivers. The elderly depend on us to care for them in our families and in the workplace.

As we care for others, caregivers age? Who will care for the caregivers? It’s time to start talking about caregiving in our families and n the workplace.

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Do Caregivers Really Want Help?

How many caregivers need help but don’t ask for help? Asking for help and seeking solutions is a path forward for stressed caregivers. Completing the survey on this page will result in more articles and helpful information for all caregivers. By sharing your personal stories, asking questions, and supporting the caregiving community you can make a difference.

Caregiver SupportAs caregivers, it’s impossible to know everything that we should know. It’s difficult to know the things that we don’t know. Becoming a more educated caregiver allows you to advocate for family members and for clients and patients in the workplace. The caregivers I know and have met are passionate about their work.

The caregiving survey on this page gives you the opportunity to be heard. Share this page and the caregiver survey with your friends and co-workers. Help yourself and help other caregivers today.

Interested in Caregiver Courses? Talk to Your Company or Group about Offering My Caregiving Course Taking Care of Elderly Parents Stay at Home and Beyond. 

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