Caregiver Regret

Are you a caregiver working 24/7 to care for a loved one, busy with task after task?  Did you ever consider that the quality of your relationship with your loved one — NOT all the work you do — will affect your grieving process when your loved one dies? ... Read more

Communication and Perspectives

Caregivers find themselves in situations and wonder how they arrived at such a place.  Caregivers fall into ruts.  Caregivers become stubborn and set in their ways; resistance is part of life.  Challenges occur when caregivers become responsible for a loved one and... Read more

Family Disagreements About Care

Are you a family who disagrees about the care of your parent or a loved one?  Most families who disagree don’t have all the facts.  One person does this, another that, there’s little or no cohesive communication about day to day tasks or abilities. ... Read more

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