The Caring Generation® Podcast for Caregivers & Caregiver Radio Program

The Caring Generation® podcast for caregivers and caregiving radio program offers straight talk for caregivers and aging adults about the challenges of caregiving and everything in between with host Pamela D. Wilson. Wilson, a caregiving expert, advocate, and speaker brings a unique perspective to the roles of caregiving and aging based on more than 20 years of professional caregiving experience.

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The experience of losing half of her immediate family combined with being a court-appointed guardian, medical and financial power of attorney, personal representative, trustee, and care manager is rare. Pamela has intimate knowledge of the experiences of family and professional caregivers that she reveals on the show each week.

Research about caregiving, health care, aging, and other topics are also shared. This experience makes the Caring Generation podcasts for caregivers and caregiving radio program a listener favorite.

No one is more experienced or knowledgeable in helping caregivers and care recipients than Pamela D. Wilson. Pamela is an educator and a professional caregiver. She knows what works and her advice is more than theory, it has been tested in practical application. John Horan

Caregiver Support Programs

caregiving radio programIn addition to the weekly podcast for caregivers, Wilson invites caregivers to participate in her online caregiving courses How to Get Guardianship of a Parent and Taking Care of Elderly Parents at Home. In addition to these programs, a caregiving library, video series, and online group are available for caregivers and aging adults on this website.

Wilson is a keynote speaker and educator who creates unique programs including live and pre-recorded webinars, courses, and dedicated podcasts for groups and organizations. If you are looking for a speaker or interested in adding to your learning management system or offering entertaining and practical educational content for employees or customers contact Pamela for more information.

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The weekly show is on all of your favorite podcast apps. You can listen to the show on the Spreaker player on Pamela’s website and read the podcast show transcripts.

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This podcast for caregivers and aging adults features a new episode every Wednesday. Many of the show topics are requested by caregivers in Pamela’s groups. All of the past episodes of this caregiver radio program are available in podcast form.

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If you’re wondering about the upcoming lineup of podcasts for caregivers, check out Pamela’s events page on Facebook.




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