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Family caregiver videos help initiate caregiving conversations between elderly parents and adult children. A lack of discussion about caregiving and aging in society today results in shock when aging family members need care and when adult children become caregivers. Caregiver support and resources are here.

Pamela shares caregiver videos, caregiver support, and resources each day on her website and through social media. Her Facebook Page hosts almost five hundred videos that offer help for caregivers and hope that caregiving situations can improve.

Pamela’s online webinar courses, Taking Care of Parents at Home and How to Get Guardianship of a Parent, share experiences from more than 20 years that help all involved in caregiving avoid pitfalls and common mistakes. She is a strong consumer advocate who believes that caregivers and aging adults must take control of caregiving issues and situations instead of allowing the healthcare system to make decisions that go against the wishes of caregiving families.

CUTV News Interview With Pamela D. Wilson – “Why Is Advocacy Necessary in Caregiving Situations?”

Pamela D.Wilson shares her story of caring for her parents, both now deceased, and the importance of family caregivers learning to advocate in this video interview.

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You can also find more helpful information for caregivers and aging adults in Pamela’s store.


Caregiving Roadblocks: The Importance of Not Giving Up To Get Care for Loved Ones

In this CUTV News interview with Pamela D. Wilson, shares the importance of family caregivers learning to overcome roadblocks to help loved ones receive the care that they need. 

Caregiving: What Is Life Like for a 24/7 Caregiver?

In this video interview on CUTV News with Jim Masters, caregiving expert, Pamela D. Wilson, shares her experience as a 24/7 caregiver. For over 20 years Pamela was on call 24/7 helping aging adults and caregivers. Today her mission is to reach as many caregivers and aging adults as possible to share that caregiving can be better and less stressful. Both caregivers and aging adults can transform caregiving situations when the next step is taken to become more informed about all aspects of caregiving – the expected and the unexpected.


Caregiving: How Pamela Helps Caregivers Manage Care for Aging Parents and Spouses

Pamela D. Wilson, the caregiving expert, discusses her transition from a 24/7 professional caregiver to offering online courses and support groups for caregivers and aging adults. Her online courses and support groups help caregivers manage care for aging parents, spouses, and loved ones. 


Caregiving: Why Hospitals Aren't The Best Place for Aging Adults

In this video, caregiving expert, Pamela D. Wilson, shares why hospitals aren’t the best place for aging adults. By sharing a real-life story, Pamela makes it easy for caregivers and aging adults to see the risks of worsening help and hospitalizations.


Caring for Aging Parents: Avoiding Falls, Fractures and Nursing Homes

In this video, caregiving expert, Pamela D. Wilson shares the risks to aging adults of a simple fall. Falls are one of the main reasons aging adults are unable to live at home alone. Learn what you can do to remain as independent as possible.

Caregiving: Why Saying That You Don't Want to Be a Burden Doesn't Mean You Won't Be a Burden

Aging parents want to remain at home. Expectations of becoming ill are rarely imagined. When care is needed, concern about being a burden to the family is a concern. In this video, caregiving expert, Pamela D. Wilson shares why saying that you don’t want to be a burden–and not being a burden–takes work on the part of the aging adult and the caregiver.


Caregiving: Three Signs An Aging Parent May Need More Help to Stay at Home

In this video, caregiving expert Pamela D. Wilson shares three signs an aging parent may need more help to stay at home. The subject of staying at home is discussed extensively in Pamela’s online course called Stay at Home.


Power of Attorney: What You Need to Know About Making Life Changing Decisions

As a professional court-appointed guardian and power of attorney, Pamela D. Wilson had the responsibility of making difficult care decisions for her clients. If you choose a power of attorney, make sure this individual knows your wishes in the event of an emergency and will make the right decisions — as if you were making the decisions for yourself.


Family Caregiver Videos Offer Hope For All Caregivers

The family caregiver videos on this page are a sampling of important topics for caregivers. From caregiver videos that provide background about Pamela and her experience as a caregiving expert to videos about the risks of hospitals, falls, and staying at home, Pamela shares her expertise to offer hope for all caregivers.

Watch more family caregiver videos on Pamela’s Facebook page and Pamela’s You Tube Channel. 



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