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Pamela D Wilson Testimonials: Caregiving Expert, Advocate & Speaker

Pamela D Wilson testimonials from caregivers and clients are here. Find professional and business testimonials about Pamela D. Wilson on Pamela’s keynote speaking pages for consumer groups and businesses.

Pamela – Thank you for all the help you gave us in caring for mom and our brother. Wanted to let you know that mom recently passed away. We will miss her dearly. 

L. W & H Families

OMG……I just finished the audio of “how to Talk about Getting Old and Not Be Afraid”.

It brought tears to my eyes and such wonderful memories.  Thank you for using our conversation to enlighten and help others knowing – “they are not alone”.

Pamela, what an honor to know you and have worked at In-Home and Family Services, where I got my training of how to be a loving caregiver.

God says Nothing is by Chance ~ our paths crossed for reasons that I will always be grateful and thankful.  Thank You for all the training/ teaching and love you have shown me.

Barb B

My name is Tristina Bailey. I am not sure if you remember me, but YOU MADE A BIG WONDERFUL DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE.

You helped me beyond anyone could hope for and I will never forget you.

My Mother passed away in 2017, but even though I don’t need your assistance anymore, I just love seeing your emails come up because it reminds me of how lucky I was to meet YOU.

My mother LOLA RIBACK, and I Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Tristina Bailey

Dear Pam and your wonderful team, Thank you for your fantastic work, and your compassionate heart. May God bless you, and give you the guidance to continue your wonderful work. Sincerely,

Jesse Whitmire

Pamela D Wilson is an amazing person, very passionate, good knowledge and well-respected as a business owner and expert caregiver within the healthcare industry. I learned a lot when she hosted a popular radio show “The Caring Generation” and from her wealth of content that help everyday people when navigating life transitions. It’s been awesome to grow from her valued years of work.

Ed Houston

Pamela, I want to thank you for helping my mom who will be moving soon to be near her family. I know I have big shoes to fill.  Thank you for your help with paperwork, organization, and bill paying that has provided peace of mind for the family.  Again, I appreciate your service and assistance during these past 5 years. 


Thank you for sharing information on this cognitive program and nutritional supplement. I am VERY grateful for any new ideas to help improve my Mother’s quality of life. Your experience and services are a much needed and valuable contribution to our elder citizens and their families. God bless you,


Pamela,  Thank you for the job you did in sorting through my client’s situation. We were at a loss and I am thankful we could turn to you for your expertise

Richard C. Stika

President, REAFFIRM, Inc.

I am writing a testimonial for Pamela D. Wilson of the Care Navigator. I was recently introduced to Pamela when she made a professional referral to me of one of her clients for therapy. This client is one of the most complex individuals I have met in my forty-seven years of professional experience. Aspects of the client’s life have resulted in a challenging and difficult personality. From my first encounter with Pamela, she displayed extreme compassion and patience including responding appropriately to verbally abusive statements made by the client. I was amazed by her composure and empathy.

Pamela, over the course of our dialogues about this client was also clinically astute about how this individual came to have a difficult and challenging personally including shutting down physically and emotionally. Most therapists would not have been able to understand the complexity of what multiple forms of trauma can do to an individual. Pamela’s understanding is amazing in this regard. On top of this, Pamela has a tenacious sense of responsibility in fighting for the best interest of her clients.

If I would ever require this type of care or assistance, I could only dream of having an individual like Pamela D. Wilson in my corner.


There are so many good things to say about Pamela Wilson and her company,  but I’ll make it short and sweet:  The Care Navigator  is an absolutely wonderful and professional service, and if you happen to find out about her, consider yourself lucky–I sure do!  I contacted Pamela and within a week she had us set up with a list of places that were ready to accept my dad. She handled everything to the point that the only thing left for me was to go and view the homes on the list and accept one. It was remarkably easy and stress free . And in this age, where customer service seems so second and third rate, Pamela does what she says she will do with extremely professional follow up and follow through.  I am so grateful that Pamela is in the marketplace with wonderful service she provides.

Eric P

I was having quite a bit of difficulty trying to work my way through finding and arranging long term care for my mother, including arranging for Medicaid coverage. After stumbling around for a few weeks, and trying a “free” service that did nothing more than make me the target of several marketing campaigns, I called The Care Navigator. Pam came out and untangled the mess. She explained what documentation was needed for Medicaid, explained what the regulations meant and submitted the paperwork for us. As we knew what to expect, the follow-up actions were expected and went smoothly. She saved me what could have been hundreds of dollars in lost work days and many hours of confused frustration.

Jim Strickland

I wanted to share my positive experience with Pamela Wilson, The Care Navigator. I met Pamela when she was a guest speaker at an event about six months ago. I felt that my wife was approaching the need for additional care due to her balance problems and cognitive issues related to her diagnosis of Parkinson’s. I scheduled an appointment with Pamela. Pamela displayed a genuine interest in our situation and shared the pros and cons of various options. She also helped me to cope with the emotions that come from making this type of decision. Throughout the process Pamela was supportive, compassionate, and informative. With her extensive subject matter expertise and library of helpful articles and audios, I feel that she can be a valuable resource to caregivers and patients.


The purpose of this letter is to recommend Pamela Wilson, The Care Navigator, in her capacity as facilitator for elder transition from home to institutional environment.  I have just availed myself of Ms. Wilson’s services for relocating my mother from her home to a wonderful managed care facility.  As I live outside of Colorado, I relied heavily on Ms. Wilson to assuage my Mother’s insecurities, locate an appropriate facility and handle all aspects of the relocation.  My trust and reliance were well-founded.  Throughout the process, Ms. Wilson’s tact and compassion was on full display and she made what is, admittedly, a hard process appear virtually seamless. Both my Mother and I are very well pleased to have used her services, and I do not hesitate to recommend The Care Navigator and Pamela Wilson.


I had the good fortune to hire Pamela Wilson to be the health care manager for my sister. My sister, Karen, had suffered complications from brain surgery and was in five different nursing home facilities.  Karen lived in Denver, Colorado and I live in New York City. Consequently, it was vital to hire a health care manager to oversee my sister’s care. Pamela met with my sister’s care manager and with other key individuals at each facility. She spoke with doctors, arranged appointments, and attended appointments with my sister. Also, she bought Karen clothing and other items. In addition, Pamela arranged to have a companion come and visit my sister and to work with her on various games to help her thinking and communication skills. Pamela interviewed massage therapists and arranged for a therapist to work with my sister on a regular basis.

When Karen needed to be moved to a new nursing home facility, Pamela researched facilities and helped locate an appropriate facility for my sister. When I came to visit my sister, Pamela attended doctor appointments with us and also arranged and attended family meetings at the different nursing facilities.

On more than one occasion, Karen needed to go to the emergency room at the hospital. At least once, an emergency occurred on the week-end. Pamela immediately went to the hospital and met with doctors and was in constant touch with me. Pamela also assisted in finding a lawyer to draw up a special needs fund for my sister.

Unfortunately, Karen had a bad fall at a nursing home and Pamela helped me to locate an excellent lawyer to take on my sister’s case. She assisted me in finding a realtor to sell my sister’s house, to get someone to buy the furniture and to remove items we could not sell. When it came time to move my sister back East, Pamela helped to arrange a trip nurse to fly with my sister. Pamela packed up all my sister’s belongings and sent them East. Pamela was always easy to contact by phone and if I did not instantly reach her, she returned messages in a timely manner. In addition, we communicated regularly by E-mail. She would send me updates on Karen’s condition. I highly recommend Pamela’s services. She was very supportive of me during an extremely stressful time. She was a lifesaver!


I couldn’t have finished the rocky road to Medicaid for my husband without Pamela Wilson, the Care Navigator.   She was professional, compassionate, friendly and always available for my questions. She did a lot of the paperwork and made many calls on my behalf.  I recommend her highly to anyone who begins this journey.  Through stress, tears and anger, Pamela was there as my advocate.  Thank you, Pamela.  Having her help me was the best decision I made in this frustrating and complex process.


I was referred to Pam by my attorney. My mother lives about 70 miles from me and was needing assisted living. I had no idea where to start looking for her to live in the metro area. It seemed overwhelming. I met with Pam and we discussed what was needed and she put together a list of 4 places for me to visit. What I like about what Pam has to offer is that they are homes with a small number of people, much more of a home atmosphere than the larger facilities. I had no idea there were such places as an alternative. I found a place for my mother. Pam is very caring and provides a wonderful service for people looking for a loving, caring atmosphere for a loved one. I don?t know how long it would have taken me to find a place for my mother otherwise. I will recommend Pam to my friends if they are ever in this situation..


The family would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Pamela D. Wilson of The Care Navigator for helping us find such a wonderful end-of-life arrangement. In addition we wish to send our warmest appreciation to his tireless and patient caregivers, including Raquel, Virginia, Anu, Elsie and others, with special thanks to Colorado Community Hospice.

From the Family of Fred Von Huben

We wanted you to know that Fred passed away peacefully on Monday, with us by his side. It was such a blessing to have so much support. Paul and I have often talked about what a huge difference your work has made during the last year of Fred’s life. Without your suggestions, we don’t know what might have happened. Thank you. We really appreciate your help.

From Shere Chamness (Posted on Facebook)

I have worked with Pamela for the last several months (before SarahCare opened). I would tell you that I have no reservations in recommending her and attesting to her professionalism and the level of quality care and attention she provides to her clients. Pamela has brought clients to our adult day center for care, so I have worked with her directly in that capacity. In each instance, she has carefully weighed the options of the client and selected the best and most appropriate levels of care for them. She is a rarity as far as heart, ethics and integrity and is well respected throughout the senior care community. The service that she provides would only further raise the bar that you are working on at Aurora Medical Center, and she would be a natural fit with your rapid admission and streamlined discharge system that you have been working on. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or need additional information.

Angela D. Vencill

Executive Director, SarahCare Adult Day Centers

Dear Pamela,
I’m writing to let you know that my dad, who died last Tuesday. He had been stable and actually seemed to be doing fairly well, but then took a turn for the worse the weekend before. My husband and I flew to Denver early last Thursday morning and were there through Saturday. We had a quiet, private service on Friday afternoon with her daughter and family, and the hospice chaplain (which is what Dad had requested). He had also asked to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in the mountains or a trout stream, so we are coming back out to do that in the middle of October. Needless to say, it has been an emotional time, and lots of processing still lies ahead. I apologize for not notifying you earlier, but everything has been a bit of a blur.
Thanks so much for your past assistance, you are providing a critical service.

Dear Pamela,

When I found my father on the ground at his home from a fall that had happened the day before, I, of course, knew to call ‘911’ right away. But after the emergency room visit I really didn’t know where to turn after that. Fortunately, I knew about Pamela Wilson and the Caregiver Navigator so I called her later that same day.

Pamela first helped me determine a suitable short-term skilled nursing care facility for my father while he rehabbed through his injuries. Then, shortly after he was admitted to the facility I chose based on her recommendation, she and her staff met with my father and did a thorough evaluation of his needs and the level of services he would require. My father enjoyed meeting Pamela and she was able to draw his wishes out, too. This alone was an accomplishment due to his reticence to ever discuss his care in the past.

Then, while he was at the nursing facility, Pamela did some preliminary research for me on different types of assisted living that would fit my father?s needs. Because she had pre-screened these facilities for quality and appropriateness for my father, all of the ones I saw would have been excellent choices. The one we did pick, a small assisted living home (which I didn’t even know existed) is perfect for him and indeed he has been enjoying his new home there.

I think the thing about utilizing Pamela’s services that I liked the most is that you will not be alone in your quest for determining what is best for your elderly loved one. I now for the first time feel not only guilt-free about his daily life but actually exhilarated to see his markedly improved quality of life. These results are directly due to Pamela and the Care Navigator and I can’t recommend her organization enough.

Paul Malinowski Littleton, CO

I’m very delinquent in getting this to you! Please accept my own and the Community Hospice Team’s deepest appreciation for all that you do! I’m grateful to have heard the opportunity at Lakewood to put a great spirit as well as a face with the name?! Equally blessed to see how Gale’s Hospice Teams as well as facilitated a peaceful death.

Take good care of yourself with the same generosity you so easily dispense to those you advocate for!

Mary M. Grath

Colorado Community Hospice

Endorsement by The Weber Family:

After months of time-consuming, fruitless and frustrating searches for an appropriate residence for my eighty-two and eighty-three-year-old mother and father, I was referred to the Care Navigator COMPANY and Pamela Wilson by my financial advisor. Pamela was highly recommended by my advisor because they had worked together in the care of other senior citizens. Pamela promptly returned my call for help and agreed to meet my brothers, parents and me. I checked out her websites and found them easy to navigate and filled with useful and apropos information.

Our meeting occurred at my parents’ home–where they felt most comfortable discussing difficult issues, such as the need to move to a more appropriate residence (they?d been in their home over twenty years). Pamela carefully noted my siblings? and my concerns, our parents? recent health crises, and both our parents? inquiries and hesitations. She affectionately charmed my father and compassionately listened to my mother. She wrote down their individual ?wish lists? for a new home and promised to do her best to find what they needed and wanted. She was honest in her explanation that they might have to sacrifice some items in order to find the best facility that would address their current and future needs. She thoroughly helped them to set priorities on ?must haves? and ?willing to do withouts.? She and I conversed in detail about the financial scenario we had to work with.

Within weeks Pamela accessed both their medical records, familiarized herself with their past, current, and possible future issues. She combined that information with her experienced knowledge of the area residence possibilities and gave us a list of five qualified facilities. She and I also communicated regarding which were the top choices so I could renew my search on a particular priority level, which ended up saving me much of my own time away from my business and personal commitments.
The very first residence on the list was exactly what I?d searched for and couldn’t find on my own. On their first visit both my parents were thrilled and even my mother, who had initially refused to move at all, asked, Where do I sign??

Pamela then referred us to a moving company who were reliable, careful, respectful, flexible, and competent. The move went far smoother than any of us imagined it could. There was minimal trauma for my parents, and staffs of the residence, the moving company, and THE Care Navigator were all a breeze to work with, each knowledgeable in their own area.

Once our parents were settled in their new home, Pamela referred us to a Senior Care Coordinator at their new medical clinic. We could never get their previous doctor to respond to letters or phone calls regarding their respective care, diagnoses, or updates that we, as their children, felt we needed to be aware of. We are looking forward to a team effort in the coordination of both their current and future physical, cognitive, and emotional needs. THE Care Navigator was truly what their name implied and made our family?s transition a coordinated, smooth, and less stressful experience. My parents? health has improved and my siblings and I can now rest in the knowledge that our parents are in an environment that is beneficial to their time of life. We can enjoy our own lives, knowing our parents are cared for, watched over, and loved, as we would chose to do. They are as independent as possible, yet care is available should it be needed.

We are all grateful for having discovered THE Care Navigator and Pamela Wilson.

Christine Weber, Daughter of Tom and Ruth Weber

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