What is a Caregiver Subject Matter Expert?

What is a caregiver subject matter expert?  A caregiving subject matter expert is an individual with bona fide and extensive understanding of caregiving, care management, and aging, who may also agree to serve as a caregiver spokesperson depending on the project’s scope.

In addition to possessing wisdom and professional experience, Pamela D Wilson as a caregiver subject matter expert, has authentic life experience. She is the author of the book The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes (not ghostwritten content – but real experience after eleven re-writes), host of The Caring Generation podcast, and a versatile public speaker on-site, or virtually.

Wilson entertains and builds rapport with audiences through storytelling, blogging, social media, and videos responding to caregiver questions and concerns on her YouTube channel.

Why Caregiver Subject Matter Experts Are Rare

Because caregiving is a broad topic, true caregiver subject matter experts are rare. The role of a caregiver touches many aspects of daily life and reaches into health, financial and legal planning.

While the internet and research offer abundant information about being a caregiver, the differences between possessing knowledge versus having wisdom, personal, and business experience are significant. Seeking knowledge versus possessing wisdom and authentic experience represents the gap between a self-proclaimed expert and a caregiver subject matter expert or caregiver spokesperson.

True caregiver subject matter experts are more than copywriters or content marketers that research and write about caregiving. Caregiver subject matter experts have lived the experiences of being a caregiver and had 1:1 experience supporting caregivers and aging adults in a variety of care situations.

Why Pamela D Wilson is the Top Caregiver Subject Matter Expert

caregiving spokespersonWilson possesses family caregiving experience and professional experience in unique specialty areas valuable to caregiving audiences, groups, and corporations. She has worked in the caregiving and aging industries since 1999.

She is a three-time entrepreneur in in-home care, care management, and fiduciary services. As a caregiver subject matter expert, Wilson considers inquiries for the role of caregiver spokesperson.

Areas of expertise:

  • Care management, coordination, oversight of care for the elderly and disabled
  • Professional fiduciary (medical and financial)
  • Care management
  • Expert testimony in elder law and probate court proceedings
  • Elderlaw appointments as a court-appointed guardian, medical and financial power of attorney, the personal representative of the estate, and trustee
  • Senior care advocacy and education
  • Physician and medical provider care coordination
  • In-home care and home health, including Medicare and private pay
  • Palliative care
  • Hospice
  • Care community placement and care management: independent living, assisted living, memory care
  • Nursing home care, advocacy, and discharge planning
  • Hospital care management and discharge planning
  • Adult day programs and related services
  • Financial planning and management: budgeting for care costs
  • Adult protective services cases and interaction
  • Ombudsman and family advocacy interactions
  • Business owner including education, program development, and supervision of in-home care and care management staff

Professional and Consumer Testimonials for Pamela D Wilson

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Benefits of Pamela D Wilson, MS, BS/BA, NCG, CSA as a Caregiver Subject Matter Expert or Spokesperson

These are some of the benefits that Pamela D Wilson offers to companies who seek a caregiver subject matter or caregiver spokesperson partnership:

  • Breaks down complex concepts into easy to understand information
  • Establishes rapport with audiences through examples, humor, and storytelling
  • Consummate public speaker, educator, and trainer
  • Presents and responds to a wide variety of topics of interest by the media due to in-depth experience
  • Poised, trustworthy, and credible
  • Personal charisma, likable, positive reputation
  • Efficient and effective
  • Balanced insights into caregiver responsibilities, decision-making, and interactions with the healthcare system and healthcare providers
  • Education and certifications to support being a caregiver subject matter expert

In addition to these skills, Pamela’s experience working with the elderly and family caregivers in day-to-day care situations placed her in unique situations of caregiver advocacy. Caregivers and aging adults can feel frustrated finding themselves in situations for which they have little or no experience.

This lack of knowledge and access to an expert places caregivers in vulnerable positions where worry exists about making the right decisions. Trust in the healthcare system and providers is a growing concern for many families swept up in care situations.

Pamela D Wilson Because of her unique role as a legal decision-maker and care manager for clients, Wilson made decisions and supported family decision-making for elderly parents, spouses, grandparents, and others. This unique experience adds to Pamela’s foundation as a caregiver subject matter expert who is knowledgeable and has years of experience in the caregiving and aging realm.



These activities and decisions included:

  • Advocating for client care in hospitals: admissions, legal decisions about care as a court-appointed guardian or medical power of attorney, and discharge planning to home or another setting
  • Making end of life care decisions to withhold treatment as specified in a living will document
  • Managing shift and 24 7 care situations for clients in their homes
  • Moving clients from home into care communities
  • Supervising care in all settings: home, community, nursing home, hospital
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of medical treatments, medications, and daily care
  • Establishing care partnerships between home and community-based providers
  • Budgeting for costs of care and spending down for Medicaid applications
  • Evaluating insurance programs, applying for Veterans and long-term care insurance benefits
  • And more . . .


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