Last Moments- You Never Know When …

If you have never experienced a last moment yet, let me tell you they occur like any other moment during any given day.  You rarely know when a last moment will  happen.  Looking back there might have been signs a last moment was about to occur but you may have missed... Read more

Celebrating the Last Years of Life

If you are a caregiver for a loved one or a parent who require a reasonable degree of assistance, it is likely you are caring for your parent in the last year or years of his or her life.  Many fail to consider consequences. Instead caregivers become angry and... Read more

What Do You Know About Dying?

Care at the end of life, whether the care is hospice or palliative care, is rarely discussed.  Your doctor will rarely mention death unless the end is imminent.  Society refuses to talk about death because in general death is feared. There are two disciplines,... Read more

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