Becoming a Caregiver, Losing Your Memory, Or Needing Care Are Three Of The Most Feared And Unpredictable Phases in Life

Pamela D. Wilson, Caregiving Expert, Author, Keynote Speaker & Educator

Caregiver programs, online courses, and support groups, and counseling on aging appointments by caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson help caregivers plan for the future, reduce worry, doubt, and build confidence. Pamela is a caregiver subject matter expert and keynote speaker who has been trusted by caregivers and aging adults for more than 20 years for providing support to solve and manage caregiving issues. Her experience and approachable manner give caregivers and aging adults peace of mind that solutions exist for common and complex caregiving problems.

Caregivers can learn more and purchase Pamela’s online courses by clicking on these links: Taking Care of Elderly Parents at Home and How to Get Guardianship of a Parent. 

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Unique Caregiver Programs and Online Courses for Groups and Corporations

Support for family and working caregivers are here in Pamela’s The Caring Generation® library, The Caring Generation® podcasts, Caring for Aging Parents Blog, videos, and unique caregiver programs. Pamela is a keynote speaker who develops educational caregiver programs for national corporations and groups. These programs support caregivers struggling to find work-life balance.

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Caregivers Can Connect with Pamela

Caregivers interested in connecting with Pamela can complete a confidential online caregiver survey to share stories and experiences. Pamela uses information provided by caregivers to create articles, podcasts, videos, and caregiver programs on topics of interest by caregivers. Many of the topics for The Caring Generation podcasts come from questions that caregivers ask Pamela.

Pamela’s support page offers caregivers and aging adults the opportunity to join a new online community group, join her library, and purchase online courses.

PAMELA D. WILSON, MS, BS/BA, NCG, CSA is an international resource for caregivers who specializes in the field of aging, caregiving, and health 1999 after experiencing the loss of both parents, a brother, and a sister.

As a court-appointed guardian, medical and financial power of attorney, the personal representative of the estate, trustee, and care manager, Pamela has unparalleled expertise to guide and serve as a meaningful and compassionate resource for caregivers. She successfully managed care for thousands of clients and made the life-changing decisions that caregivers are faced with today.

What Caregivers Say About Pamela

In addition to these brief testimonials, you can visit Pamela’s testimonial page and her speaking testimonial pages to learn more about what caregivers, families, and professionals have to say about Pamela.

“You are my guardian angel! I’m so glad I found you. You have given me the ability to keep on going and the ability to fight for my mom and not to mention I’m learning thru you that I’m not crazy and everything my mom is doing is normal for Dementia/Alzheimer’s and it’s also okay to need a break.” L.O

“No one is more experienced and knowledgeable in helping caregiver and care recipients than Pamela D. Wilson. Pamela is an educator and a professional caregiver. She knows what works and her advice is more than theory, it has been tested in practical application. J.H.

“You deserve to be heard across all the nation.” B.B

“Thank you, Pamela. I am so glad I found your page and links. I first saw your channel on Roku and thought at last someone who is actually saying exactly the things that I have been experiencing. What a relief to have an outlet and also directions on how to ease this sometimes seemingly never-ending stress. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.” D.M.  

Caregivers Struggle to Balance Caregiving, Work, and Life

Pamela offers caregiver programs for the workplace. Working caregivers are challenged by the roles and responsibilities of caregiving. Juggling conflicting priorities of work and home, plus raising a family while caring for elderly family results in emotional stress and health concerns.

Workplace support has not kept pace with the 40.4 million U.S. caregivers who learn by trial and error and fear making mistakes in caring for loved ones. Working and being a caregiver collide and result in stress. As a resource for caregivers, Pamela educates about the importance of health, well-being, and planning for future care needs before the need arises.

Cultural differences exist for caregivers outside of the United States. Caregivers in undeveloped countries struggle to manage basic needs in addition to working and caring for aging parents. Adults working and living at a distance as expatriates may struggle to manage care for parents living in other countries. Regardless of the situation, navigating family relationships with aging parents can present unexpected challenges.


The Caring Generation

Learn More About Pamela’s Weekly Caregiver Programs and Podcasts

Welcome to The Caring Generation®

Welcome to The Caring Generation®, Pamela’s online community of caregiver programs and resources for caregivers. The Caring Generation is Pamela’s weekly podcast available on Wednesday evenings.

Caregiving can be a blessing or an exhausting experience. If you identify with any of the statements below, feeling that there are days when you’re “tired of being a caregiver” or a care receiver you’re in exactly the right place to find caregiver resources, support, and guidance.

“I feel guilty and angry. There are times when I don’t know what to do. I find it difficult to say no. Family members refuse to help. I am trapped caregiving for a parent for whom I have no emotional connection. I feel judged. No one understands. Being a caregiver is isolating and lonely. 

My physical and emotional health is near breakdown. I have lost friends. I love my husband (or wife) but this is not the retirement I expected; I can’t be a caregiver anymore. I am burned out and going through the daily routine; I know I am making mistakes that could harm my loved one. 

The healthcare system is broken; for many, it’s just a job and no one cares. Neglect and ignorance resulted in the death of a loved one and I’m afraid what will happen to me. I was too naïve and trusting. I’m a power of attorney and don’t know what I’m supposed to do. 

Most of us don’t know where to turn for help. What do you mean Medicare doesn’t pay? My parents are stubborn and won’t listen. I don’t even know what questions to ask.”

caregiver programs

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This member’s only subscription library is for family and professional caregivers like CNAs and care staff working in communities. All articles in the caregiving library and the Caring for Aging Parents blog are written by Pamela and based on her experience.

Subscription is free. The articles are hosted on Pamela’s member’s only site that is easy to use.

Caregiver Programs

Online Caregiver Course

Pamela’s caregiver program, Taking Care of Elderly Parents: Stay at Home and Beyond, is an outstanding 52-hour deep-dive resource for caregivers. This one of a kind caregiver program created and developed by Pamela features 28 hours of webinar education in 70 lessons and 24 hours of podcasts This online caregiver course is for adult children caring for aging parents or spousal caregivers. The course may be purchased individually or through groups and corporations at a special rate for multiple copy licenses by contacting Pamela.

Caring for Aging Parents Blog

Pamela’s Caring for Aging Parents Blog

Pamela’s Caring for Aging Parents Blog is one of the top caregiving blogs and resources for caregivers. Helpful information about caring for elderly parents, self-care for caregivers, and caregiving tips may be found in this caregiver blog. Click below to read our latest blogs

FREE On-Demand Webinar: Human Resource Challenges for Elder Care

On Demand Webinar
The number of working caregivers of all ages continues to increase. Twenty-year-old caregivers are caring for baby-boomer parents, while working caregivers near retirement may be caring for elderly parents in their 70’s or 80’s or a spouse. Corporations are unprepared for elder care challenges.

Watch Pamela’s FREE on-demand webinar called “Human Resource Challenges Elder Care here to learn the issues faced by working caregivers that include juggling work and caregiving commitments. Learn how your company can offer Pamela’s caregiver programs to support working caregivers.

The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes®

resource for caregivers

Pamela’s book supports conversations of care that emphasize choice, planning, and creating balance in family caregiving relationships. She shares expertise from 20+ years working in caregiving and aging. Topics of caregiver burnout, financial planning, legal planning, family relationships, and caring for the caregiver are featured.

Educational and Entertaining Videos for Caregivers

Family relationships can be challenging and care needs overwhelming when you are a caregiver for aging parents or other family members. Click on the play button in the photo above to watch this video, “Why is Advocacy Necessary in Caregiving Situations?”

Pamela’s video page on this website features eight videos on topics requested by caregivers.

Visit her YouTube channel to watch more videos for family and professional caregivers. Pamela creates caregiver programs, educational videos and webinars for corporations and groups by request.

Caregivers seeking support can join Pamela’s online group for family caregivers on Facebook.

Look around Pamela’s website and learn more about The Caring Generation and Pamela D. Wilson, Caregiving Expert, Advocate, and Speaker.  Can’t find what you are looking for?  Please contact us and let us know.

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