Pamela D. Wilson – Long Term Healthcare and Workplace Keynote Speaker

Long Term Healthcare and Workplace Keynote Speaker

Pamela D. Wilson is a long term healthcare, aging, and workplace keynote speaker. She is an expert on the subjects of caregiving roles and responsibilities, navigating the healthcare system, managing caregiving stress and burnout, the patient experience from the consumer perspective, and work-life balance for caregivers. Twenty years of direct care and fiduciary responsibility in the long term and caregiving industries provide unmatched merit and rare expertise. Pamela’s keynote speeches educate, entertain, and inspire.

Previously serving in the roles of court-appointed guardian, medical and financial power of attorney, the personal representative of the estate, and care manager Pamela understands the daily lives and challenges of family caregivers.  Pamela is a tireless caregiving long term healthcare and workplace keynote speaker and advocate. She believes that higher standards of care are possible and achievable.

Long Term Healthcare Expertise

Pamela has worked extensively with professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, and care communities, with home health, non-medical in-home care agencies, hospices, medical offices, and specialty providers. This experience supports long term healthcare and workplace keynote addresses and programs.

She speaks directly to consumer concerns and frustrations. Trying to navigate a healthcare system that speaks in medical terms makes it difficult for family caregivers to obtain care for elderly parents. On the other hand, long term healthcare professionals find it difficult to work with emotional family caregivers. Both sides benefit from gaining an understanding of the opposite perspective. Gaining perspective allows family caregivers and long term care professionals to focus on care for elderly parents.

The challenges of coordinating care for family members is overwhelming. Caregivers understandably lack knowledge and experience. This lack of knowledge impacts the family caregiver’s ability to juggle responsibilities. Creating work-life balance, raising children, and caring for elderly parents is a full-time job and more. Professionals working in healthcare face similar issues of time pressure and burnout.

Keynote Speaking & Education Testimonials

Liz Littleton – Lighthouse Assisted Living – Keynote Speaker Testimonial Letter

Workplace Programs and Education

Pamela partners with national corporations interested in educating caregivers to raise awareness of the role of caregiving. The significant life transition that caregivers experience can feel overwhelming. Pamela addresses the big picture of caregiving roles and responsibilities. Her down to earth manner and humor makes caregivers feel comfortable expressing concerns and sharing stories.

The longevity and depth of Pamela’s long term care and caregiving experiences allows her to deep dive into subjects related to managing care for elderly parents. Long term healthcare issues have a significant effect on elderly parents and family caregivers. The emotional aspects of being a caregiver combined with physical stress are a deadly combination resulting in caregiver stress that impacts the entire family. Her YouTube Channel features videos on practical subjects for family and long term healthcare professionals.

Workplace Caregiving Keynote Speaker

Pamela works with corporations to provide programs to support working caregivers to create a work-life balance. Through keynote speaking engagements, on-site and on-line education, and specially developed webinars and podcasts, the benefits of reduced absenteeism, increased presenteeism, and reduced turnover may be achieved.

Access to support allows working caregivers to reduce stress by gaining confidence to manage work and caregiving roles and responsibilities. Specially developed programs can be licensed and placed on corporate learning management systems so that employees have access to caregiving support and information when needed.

Keynote Speaker for Long-Term Healthcare & Workplace Conferences & Groups

Pamela delivers keynotes sessions at conferences and community events. Examples of popular keynotes, educational sessions, and webinars are below. All programs are uniquely designed and tailored for the needs of groups and organizations.

More information can be obtained by contacting Pamela directly through the Contact Page

  • Workplace: Caring for Aging Loved Ones – Planning, Care Options & Costs
  • Workplace: Caring for Aging Loved Ones – Managing & Advocating for Care
  • Workplace: Caring for Aging Loved Ones – Practical Solutions for Keeping Elderly Parents at Home
  • Healthcare Professionals: Working with Difficult Clients and Difficult Family Members
  • Healthcare Professionals: Maintaining Professional Boundaries

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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA is a national caregiving expert, educator, advocate, and speaker. More than 20 years of experience as a court-appointed guardian, power of attorney, and care manager serve as Wilson’s platform to increase awareness of caregiving as an essential role in life. She is a content developer, author of all articles on this website, and videos on her YouTube Channel. Wilson hosts and produces The Caring Generation® podcast and is the author of the book The Caregiving Trap. You can reach Pamela by completing the Contact Me Form on this website.

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