Pamela D. Wilson – Aging Parents Expert, Advocate, and Speaker

Pamela D Wilson is an aging parents expert, advocate, and speaker. Her down-to-earth and humorous approach sets family caregivers and professional audiences at ease about uncomfortable caregiving issues and strategies. She speaks on-site, through broadcast-quality video conferencing, live or pre-recorded webinars, and podcasts. All programs are uniquely created based on the needs of groups and corporations.

Meet Pamela

Pamela D. Wilson – A One of a Kind Aging Parents Expert

Through the life experience of losing both parents, a brother, and a sister Pamela translates her experience caring for aging parents to the life experiences of family caregivers. She is an entrepreneur with more than twenty years of professional experience as an aging parents expert.

Specialization as a business owner in the areas of caregiving for aging parents, healthcare, and as a professional legal and financial fiduciary delivers expertise in a variety of legal, healthcare, social service, and community settings. Proven solutions and insights for routine and complicated care situations result from broad expertise in caregiving, healthcare, financial management, and probate.

Aging Parents Expert Television, Radio, Internet, and Social Media

Previously serving in the roles of court-appointed guardian, medical and financial power of attorney, personal representative, and care manager Pamela is an expert at problem-solving and identifying options.  Support for family caregivers and family care recipients is offered through programming that includes access to an online library with articles written by Pamela, caregiver videos, a newsletter, Pamela’s caring for aging parents blog, social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In, and her YouTube Channel.

New articles based on current events and research, educational curriculum, and deep-dive programs about how to care for elderly parents to support higher standards of care are under constant development. All of the content on this website and in her programs are developed and based on Pamela’s professional and personal expertise and experiences.

Her legal expertise as a court-appointed guardian and power of attorney provides a different perspective on the roles and responsibilities of family caregivers. Education about Pamela’s four stages of caregiving is a component of advocating for care.

Pamela Brings the Reality of Needing Care and Being a Caregiver into Perspective

For professionals working in human resources, healthcare, legal, and financial specialties she consults on the importance of educating consumers about what can and does happen as an aging adult and as a caregiver. True stories are shared about the unexpected world of daily challenges faced by family caregivers and care recipients.

Training is available for professionals working in aging, social services, and related organizations. She consults with elder law, probate and estate planning attorneys, financial planning firms, and educational institutions.

As an aging parents expert, Pamela has experience with substandard quality of care, medical errors, dysfunctional family situations, family conflict, professional boundaries by healthcare and care providers, aging parents and entitled children, battles over guardianship or powers of attorney, and serving as an expert at contested court hearings. The list of caregiving issues and the potential for family conflict is never-ending.

Pamela’s ability to relate real-life stories brings the reality of needing care and the responsibilities of being a caregiver into perspective. Greater realization exists about being proactive about health, financial planning, and legal planning as the result of Pamela’s caring for aging parents expertise and presentations.

Aging Parents Expert Media Interviews

Pamela, as a caregiving speaker and aging parents expert, has been featured in media outlets including CUTV News, U.S. News, and World Report, Fox News, Doctor Radio, Life & Health Advisor, My Social Good News, Provider Nation, Radio MD, Third Age, Wholistic Woman, WRNJ Radio, Rewire Me, Intrepid Radio, Late Night Parents and others. Her presence and ability to educate and entertain audiences through professional experiences and storytelling captivates audiences.

Radio Producer & Host of The Caring Generation®

From 2009 to 2011 Pamela produced and hosted The Caring Generation® on 630 KHOW-AM in Denver. Her two-hour live radio program shared practical advice for family caregivers. She interviewed professionals in the caregiving industries and from all walks of life.

The Caring Generation®  returned in July of 2018. The program for caregivers and aging adults airs new episodes every Wednesday. Pamela educates and entertains with real-life stories, research, and expert interviews using humor and candor.

Podcasts of the show including the show transcripts are features on The Caring Generation radio and podcast page. Pamela credits the radio program with giving her the passion to write her book and continue to educate and advocate for the needs of elderly adults. Her book, The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes® provides practical tips and advice for family caregivers.

Caregiving Consultant, Contributor, and Content

Wilson works with corporations to support conversations with caregivers. She contributes through speaking, videos, podcasts, and articles on specific caregiving subjects. Her background as an aging parents expert places lends to her ability to speak directly to consumers.

Aging Parents Expert Speaker Information and Testimonials

To learn more about Pamela’s expertise in talking to a variety of family and professional audiences and how she can create on-site or digital caregiving programs for you click below. Speaking testimonials are also available on these pages. 

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