Pamela D Wilson Story: Caregiving Expert, Advocate, & Speaker

PAMELA D WILSON is a caregiving expert, advocate, and speaker offering support to family caregivers, professionals, and organizations through her business of the same name. Since 1999, Pamela’s entrepreneurial nature has allowed her to provide direct service to families, individuals, caregivers, health and care providers, attorneys, and financial planners in the areas of care management, care navigation, caregiving services, caregiver support, elder care, legal and financial appointments, and estate administration.

Her passion remains in working in the healthcare industry to seek ongoing opportunities with companies and organizations to broaden the scope of support for patients and their caregivers.

Pamela Connects With Caregivers: Videos on Her YouTube Channel Answer Questions Caregivers Ask

Pamela connects with family and professional caregivers through social media, The Caring Generation podcast, and her website. Videos on her YouTube Channel focus on answering questions caregivers ask.

Additionally, information, education, and support are offered through The Caring Generation Library®, Pamela’s book, The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes, articles, podcasts, webinars, and online support groups, speaking, and training. She produced and hosted a radio program on 630 KHOW-AM in Denver called The Caring Generation® from 2009 to 2011 which returned to the air in July 2019.

Pamela continues to develop programming and education on topics to support family and professional caregivers and produces content for companies in the health, legal, and financial industries. Pamela is a member of professional associations focusing on estate planning and elder care, financial and estate planning, caregiving, aging, and healthcare.

Life Losses Led to a Career in Healthcare

Pamela knew from an early age that she possessed a love and passion for the elderly, yet it took personal and family losses for this realization to manifest. As a young adult, she experienced the losses of most of her immediate family, both parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

When these individuals were growing up there was little focus or knowledge about health prevention. For Pamela, healthcare education remains a key focus of interest.

Some view Pamela’s early life losses as a tragedy. Pamela views the events as multiple defining moments of who she is today and the foundation for her ability to serve and educate. She has personally lived through many of the experiences the adult children and older individuals she counsels experience today.

Corporate Marketing Positions Translate to Healthcare

Pamela seeking purpose in her life after the death of both parents volunteered at Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital in Marina del Rey, California. Through this program, she met an older woman named Billie, who helped Pamela identify her purpose in life, as a caregiver for older adults.

While many colleagues in her corporate marketing life at Unilever and Bestfoods cautioned her about leaving a solid career path, Pamela took the leap. There were also many others who warned Pamela that she would fail in her desire to change careers.

Pamela D Wilson Professional Life

After completing a master’s degree at Colorado State University, she focused on a career change to the healthcare industry. In 2000, she began working for In-Home and Family Services, a company providing caregiver support in the homes of older adults. This experience opened further doors when over the years, clients requested expanded services not offered by In-Home and Family Services.

In 2007, she transitioned to The Care Navigator. The Care Navigator provided services of care management and care navigation for individuals with healthcare providers. Pamela personally served as a court-appointed guardian, medical power of attorney, financial power of attorney, the personal representative of the estate, and trustee. Her work at The Care Navigator opened additional doors in the areas of education, advocacy, and speaking.

Pamela D Wilson Radio & Podcast Host: The Caring Generation®

In April of 2009, Pamela was approached by a local radio station representative from 630 KHOW in Denver, Colorado seeking a local expert to provide education to the community about caregiving issues. The station, experiencing caregiving issues with their employees, believed in the value of a program to educate caregivers.

During her corporate career in brand management, she worked with publicity firms, and advertising agencies, and was interviewed on radio and television so this was an easy transition. After brief discussions and agreement with the radio station, Pamela was on-air on Mother’s Day 2009. The program initially called “Parenting Your Parents” was changed to The Caring Generation.

Producing and hosting The Caring Generation radio program from May 2009 through December 2011 was another unexpected blessing. Pamela interviews researchers, clinicians, and international healthcare experts to provide education on topics common to patient care and family caregiver experiences.

The goal of The Caring Generation is to bring individuals together worldwide with an interest and a desire to broaden awareness of caregiving as an important role in life and to offer education and support for this important life journey so that no caregiver feels alone.

The Caring Generation returned to the air in July 2019 and continues today. The program is available on all major podcast apps.

The Care Navigator

From 2007 to 2018, at The Care Navigator, Pamela D Wilson continued to serve adults and the disabled while pursuing additional education and certifications to support expertise in the aging industry. In addition to formal education, Pamela is a Certified Guardian, and a Certified Senior Advisor plus a Certificate in Dementia Care.

Over the years clients and colleagues began to rely on Pamela to serve many needs. Dedicated, motivated, and determined to make a difference, Pamela and the staff of The Care Navigator supported thousands of individuals and families.

Through her expertise at The Care Navigator, Pamela was further drawn into the world of caregiver education, caregiver support, working with family and professional caregivers, and the world of publishing.

The Caring Generation radio program led to requests for a book and more education. While operating The Care Navigator, Pamela established her brand, The Caring Generation. The Caring Generation became the educational and caregiver support component of Pamela’s career.

Pamela Today

In mid-2018, Pamela formally transitioned from The Care Navigator, to focus on increasing awareness of the challenges of caregiving worldwide through education, speaking, and content development. She remains interested in working with corporations and groups in the healthcare industry.


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