Caregiving Speaker Video Conferencing Programs

Caregiving speaker video conferencing programs by Pamela D Wilson bring unique caregiver education events, programs, courses, and presentations to your company, group, employee, or client meetings. Technology has changed the way consumers and businesses access education, meet with employees and customers, provide training, and create events.

No longer is it necessary to drive or fly to a meeting or event when attending from the office conference room or comfort of home is easy. With a click of a button, attendees can join presentations from anywhere. 

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Pamela’s recorded virtual caregiver education events can be licensed and used for multiple purposes. Knowing your goal is the key to creating caregiver education events using a variety of technology solutions.

Video conferencing programs and software make it easy for small or large groups to connect through video conferencing applications, webinar programs, and live social media platforms. With a little technology and high-speed Internet, Pamela’s caregiving speaker video conferencing programs come to your company, group, or clients. All programs are uniquely created based on the needs of groups and organizations.

Online Virtual Consumer Education

Whether your goal is to inform, educate, entertain, build relationships, build teamwork, sell, or express appreciation, creating a virtual caregiving education event connects employees, clients, prospects, and colleagues. By using single or multiple platforms, Pamela’s caregiving speaker video conferencing programs can be broadcast live or recorded and include question and answer sessions.

Employee Training and Development – Elder Care Solutions

Eldercare solutions for human resource departments are here. Research about working caregivers confirms decreased productivity, increased turnover, more frequent absenteeism, requests for time off, increased incidence of chronic illness, mental health concerns, and issues that link to wellness programs that may have low participation rates.

By speaking to caregivers in the workplace and providing relevant information, participation in wellness programs increases. Pamela works with human resource managers to develop awareness campaigns and caregiver education programs that are relevant. These programs link to employee development and wellness programs to increase effectiveness and employee engagement.

Online Caregiver Education Made Easy

Pamela’s deep-dive caregiving program, Taking Care of Elderly Parents Stay at Home and Beyond offers caregiver education that reinforces practical workplace skills. The online virtual caregiver education program is available 24/7.

Ongoing programs to promote employee awareness of caregiving and eldercare can be developed for corporation learning management systems and licensed for ongoing use. Contact Pamela to learn how to create an effective elder care program that engages employees.

Caregiving Speaker Video Conferencing Programs

  • Human resource departments host caregiver programs and courses that inform and educate employees at corporate locations all over the world about the prospects of being a family caregiver and managing family care situations.
  • Financial advisors and planners use caregiver education events to become more educated about how caregiving responsibilities affect health, the need for health and life insurance products, affect retirement savings, planning, and long-term care planning.
  • Elder law, estate planning, and probate attorneys use caregiver programs and courses to increase awareness of the challenges of family caregiving situations. Drafting documents to minimize problems by family, healthcare, and financial systems help reduce unexpected situations that may result in litigation.
  • Clients and prospects participate in caregiving speaker video conferencing programs to increase awareness of future needs, potential hazards, products, and services that address a wide variety of aspects related to caring for elderly loved ones
  • Healthcare organizations support front-line care staff with caregiver programs and courses to gain empathy and a better understanding of why family caregivers struggle to understand the processes, policies, and constraints of provider organizations.
  • Family caregivers who assume a wide variety of roles and responsibilities gain tools to provide, oversee, and manage care, decrease stress, and improve quality of life for loved ones and the caregiver by participating in caregiver programs and courses.

The Stages of Caregiving

Caregiving is a significant life transition that is unexpected. In most families, early discussions about changes in health, caregiving needs, who will provide care, and the costs of care rarely happen.

Elderly parents may attempt to have these discussions and are put off by adult children who are unprepared to discuss a subject that seems far into the future. On the other hand, adult children may be noticing that elderly parents need more help, and parents refuse to have discussions.

Working caregivers face extreme pressure when elderly parents need care, and the reality of balancing work, life, and being a caregiver becomes a necessity. Caregivers unfamiliar with the stages of caregiving feel unprepared for caregiving responsibilities and caring for elderly parents.Stages of Caregiving

Workplace programs for caregivers of elderly parents are still in the growth stages compared to maternity leave: child-care, or health and wellness benefit programs.  The aging population statistics will gain attention as corporations increasingly experience losses in employee productivity, increased absenteeism, and employee turnover due to family caregiving situations.

Relevance exists in pairing employee health and wellness programs with caregiving programs and courses. Human nature confirms that individuals lack the motivation to make lifestyle changes to improve health until there is a significant reason to make a change. Becoming a family caregiver, watching an elderly parent suffer, and the worry of paying for expensive care not reimbursed by Medicare are motivating factors.

Planning for care costs and long-term care benefits from increasing awareness of a future that individuals will face. The healthy spouse loses a sick spouse; adult children lose parents.

These are uncomfortable subjects that Pamela addresses with authenticity, empathy, and humor based on more than 20 years of expertise in the caregiving field. Personal losses of both parents, a brother, and a sister offer additional insights into the experience of family caregivers who have no idea how to navigate care, healthcare, financial and legal systems.

The most successful caregiver education events address all stages of caregiving. Individuals who may be new to caregiving have the opportunity to gain awareness of future potential events. Others entrenched in caregiving responsibilities can look forward and have the hindsight to see how care situations may be improved.

Caregiving Speaker Video Conferencing Technology

How do you know if your company has the technology for virtual caregiver education events? If you have a large conference room that you use for events or if you rent or use another venue, it’s likely there is a room-based video conferencing system.

If you intend to host a multi-site meeting, you will want to contact the technology manager in your company to confirm the requirements. Don’t worry if you’re not a technology expert, Pamela can connect with the technology experts and let them work out the details.

As you are designing the goal of the event, you’ll want to decide between broadcast-quality video conferencing for the caregiver education event or web conferencing How do you know the difference?

Broadcast Video Conferencing

Livestream broadcast-quality video conferencing and webinars are similar to the quality of attending a live conference with all of the audiovisual bells and whistles. You invite employees, vendors, prospects, or colleagues to gather in a conference room or another venue. The opportunity exists to have pre-and-post communication and follow-up with the group.

Pamela D Wilson uses Livestream online technology programs that can broadcast live from a studio in Denver, Colorado. Depending on your needs, professional staff can operate the broadcast equipment to ensure a seamless event. Confirmation of compatible equipment and testing occurs with your company technology manager or hired professionals before the caregiver education event.

While you might believe broadcast video conferencing, webinars, or live events with question and answer webinars to be an added expense—the expense is a trade-off between travel costs for Pamela and the cost for your company to hire, if necessary, professional staff to manage the broadcast or videotaping. The benefit of broadcast-quality video conferencing is that you have a high-quality end video that you can license from Pamela for internal company use.

Zoom-Type Web Conferencing

Zoom or other web conferencing platform events is another option. If you’ve participated in online video conferencing or webinars that are web conferencing or desktop events, you know that the visual may not be sharp, or the lighting may be poor.

Web conferencing can produce lower resolution video. The connection may have flickers or interruptions in the video or audio. These types of presentations usually run from a desktop computer and a web conferencing program.Caregiving Web Conferencing Programs

An essential consideration for web conferencing is whether you want group attendance in an office or auditorium or to have individuals join from their computers. In this situation, it is important to realize that you have less control over the physical environment.

Low environment control means that attendees may be distracted. Employees working from home with low Internet speed or sitting at a desk may not be as attentive to the caregiver education event.

Designing Caregiving Speaker Video Conferencing Events

Designing caregiver education events is a collaborative effort. If you have assessed your needs and have a plan, contact Pamela to discuss the details. If you are looking for program ideas or suggestions, Pamela will develop or offer outlines that can be modified to fit your needs.

As you know, the most important aspects of successful programs are to have a well-thought-out plan for the objective and whether this is a one-time or ongoing effort in the broader scope of a company program or initiative. Because caregivers are often at different stages in the role of being a caregiver, the ability to revisit a caregiver program is beneficial and offers long-term benefits. Many caregivers benefit from ongoing support from the workplace in addition to programs and initiatives that can also provide ongoing support.

Contact Pamela by calling 303-810-1816 or complete an online contact form request for additional information for caregiver education events and costs.


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