What is Counseling on Aging?

What is counseling on aging? Depending on whether you are an aging adult, a caregiver, or a member of a group or corporation seeking information about aging, counseling on aging can mean different things.

Learn about the most common concerns of family caregivers in this video, Counseling for Aging Parent Issues from caregiving expert, Pamela D Wilson.

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Many adults dream of a retirement filled with social activities, time with friends and family, travel, and other wishes. For many, chronic health and unexpected circumstances derail these dreams.

Counseling on aging supports planning to help you accomplish your retirement goals so that you can live independently and remain active as long as possible.

For adults and caregivers, counseling on aging means speaking with an eldercare expert to:

  • Complete a needs assessment for daily care today and in the future
  • Plan for yourself, the care of a spouse, aging parents, disabled children, or another family member
  • Identify resources and available support systems to promote independence
  • Make decisions and plans for living at home, moving to a care community, financial needs, legal, needs, medical, and end of life care
  • Manage family relationships and initiate care discussions
  • Gain confidence that you have a plan in place to manage unexpected situations

As a caregiving expert and eldercare consultant, Pamela D Wilson has helped families and aging adults manage senior care concerns for over twenty years. Her experience in counseling on aging situations gives aging adults and caregivers peace of mind to plan and make thoughtful decisions about care.

Learn more about Pamela’s background, education, and experience. Read her Bio and Client Testimonials.

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If you are a member of a group or corporation interested in how Pamela can help your organization, read Pamela’s article Juggling Work and Caregiving or visit her Speaking Page.

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Work With a Counseling on Aging Professional

When considering hiring a counseling on aging professional, it is essential to make sure that the person you choose to work with has unique and in-depth experience with the issues you or your family face. While many aging adults and caregivers believe they can “do it themselves”, becoming a caregiver and managing aging concerns covers a vast territory. For example:

  • Do you consider yourself an expert navigating the healthcare system and insurance issues?
  • Are you aware of all of the financial costs related to care and the fact that Medicare doesn’t pay for everything?
  • What is your confidence level in asking doctors and other medical professionals for information and advocating for your needs if you don’t feel you are receiving the care you deserve?
  • Do you fully understand your health diagnosis, the medications you are taking, and what you should be doing day to day to preserve your health instead of having more health concerns?
  • Are you aware of why aging adults are forced to move to a nursing home?
  • Have you designated a legal representative to serve as a power of attorney when you need help making decisions?
  • What happens if you receive a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? Who will care for you and how? Do you have someone you trust?
  • Have you talked about care needs in your family and with your spouse? What happens if you pass away before your husband or wife?

Ask the counseling on aging professional you are considering specific questions about her or his qualifications. Most professionals will schedule a brief ten or 15-minute telephone call to discuss their qualifications and confirm that they are able to assist you during a counseling on aging appointment.

Ask questions like time working in the industry, professional degrees and affiliations, and experience working with specific situations. There are many self-professed caregiving experts or counselors who don’t have actual experience—but instead only book smarts or family experience.

Professionals working in the industry who have experience with hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living and memory care communities, home health, hospice, palliative care, and other services can offer valuable information. Pamela managed care and acted as a professional fiduciary for eleven years making important decisions with and for clients. This experience is rare and offers support for family members and aging adults who find themselves in similar situations.

Read this recent comment by a caregiver corresponding with Pamela.

“Solutions offered by well-meaning ones are often empty and unrealistic. Out of all articles I’ve ever read, you have hit the nail on the head. Thank you. I can tell you have been thru all of these things. Your advice I value. Others who just shoot from the hip . . . not so much. Thank you for publishing these caregiving thoughts.”

Aging and caregiving are broad topics that benefit from understanding the options so that you remain in control of your decisions. While many adults postpone planning for care, an emergency or unexpected situation often results in the necessity of planning. Plan today instead of waiting for the unexpected tomorrow.

Plan Ahead Instead of Planning in Crises

planning for retirementIf you’ve ever had to make decisions under time pressure you know the uncomfortable feeling of being unsure whether you are making the right decision or if you will have regrets later. Initiating a counseling on aging appointment today when concerns are manageable instead of urgent offers an opportunity to have time to plan and review options.

If you have attempted to talk about aging and caregiving concerns with your adult children, spouse, or aging parents, Pamela can ease the conversation. If you are curious how Pamela talks about difficult topics, watch videos on her YouTube channel or listen to her podcast, The Caring Generation®. Her caring nature shines through in all of her interactions.

Rather than being caught surprised or unprepared, schedule counseling on aging appointment with Pamela D Wilson today.

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