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support caring for elderly parentsOne parent cares for the other. You care for a spouse. Adult children help one or both parents. Find the support you need in this online webinar course from caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson called Taking Care of Elderly Parents: Stay at Home and Beyond.

Gain peace of mind with proven tips and solutions based on more than twenty years of Pamela’s professional care management and fiduciary experience.

If you are new to caregiving, have been a caregiver for several years, are an agent under a durable power of attorney, or are a court-appointed guardian this online webinar course will give you the skills to manage care for elderly parents, a spouse, or other family members.

Are You Responding to One Crisis After Another or Feeling That Life is Out of Control?

It’s impossible to understand the tasks, coordination, and decisions that are involved when caring for loved ones if you don’t have prior experience. Instead of responding to one crisis after another, this video course helps reduce worry and gain insights and methods to manage, coordinate care, and make decisions. Rather than feeling constantly out of control, you will feel like caregiving situations are more manageable with the insights shared by Pamela D Wilson.

Caregivers quickly become exhausted from the day in day out wear and tear of caregiving responsibilities. Most caregivers think they have to do it all alone until situations become so overwhelming that caregivers doubt their ability to keep going to provide care for elderly parents.

Support for seniors and their families can be difficult to find from reliable and trustworthy sources. Caregivers spend hours searching the Internet only to find conflicting information. Pamela D Wilson is a caregiver subject matter expert who has been where you are. Personal and professional experience of more than twenty years is the foundation for the Taking Care of Elderly Parents Stay at Home and Beyond course.

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Caregivers – You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

The role of caregiving negatively affects the health of caregivers. Marital and family relationships, careers, the ability to earn income, manage a career, and mental health can suffer. Caregivers experience emotional ups and downs due to trying to manage everything. The primary caregiver, often a daughter usually accepts the majority of caregiving responsibilities and quickly becomes exhausted and burned out.

Overwhelmed caregivers of all ages from seventy-year-old children caring for ninety-year-old parents to caregivers who are twenty years old beginning their adult lives can benefit from the information offered in this online webinar caregiver course offering support caring for elderly parents.

Overwhelmed Caregivers Can Gain Confidence and Find Peace of Mind

caregiverThis online webinar course is available 24/7. The course, called Taking Care of Elderly Parents: Stay at Home and Beyond, features 28 hours of webinars plus 24 hours podcasts featuring practical steps to help caregivers fast-forward how to help aging parents stay at home.

When caregivers don’t know what you don’t know —  it’s difficult to manage care for parents. By taking this course you will feel prepared for all of the unexpected ups and downs associated with being a caregiver and managing the health and well-being of mom, dad, or another family member.

The online webinar caregiver course is available 24/7 on Pamela’s secure membership website so that you can participate at any time. You can watch a section, forward to a future chapter, and return to take a second look. 

You can be confident that you will know what to do in a wide variety of situations that include:

  • Managing emotions, family relationships, and elderly parents who refuse care
  • Recognize why trying to do it all places your health and well-being at risk
  • Adopt realistic expectations about caring for elderly parents and loved ones
  • Create strategies for managing relationships including parents who refuse care or exhibit difficult behaviors
  • Identify the connection between aging and health declines
  • Create an action plan to help elderly parents receive better care from the medical system
  • Identify nutritional issues that result in health declines and frail elderly syndrome
  • Learn the importance of understanding the consequences of health diagnosis and managing medications to maintain the health of parents
  • Increase awareness of home safety issues and options to increase home safety for elderly parents
  • Learn which chronic diseases have factors that increase the possibility of falls
  • Identify activities to help elderly parents remain physically able and mentally sharp
  • Recognize early signs of memory loss and create plans for worsening dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Plan for all of the costs of care related to helping elderly parents stay at home, or move to a care community that include long term care planning and estate planning
  • Learn how to manage in-home care providers and other care staff
  • Navigate the healthcare system including medical appointments, nursing home care, and hospitalizations

Make Time Today to Gain Support Caring for Elderly Parents

online webinar courseFew caregivers say that they have time to care for themselves or learn about caring for aging parents. By taking this online webinar caregiver course you will find time for yourself through the information you learn.

You’ll also be a more caring and competent caregiver for a parent from the unique knowledge you learn in this course. Rather than allowing caregiving to negatively affect your marriage and family relationships, find support in sharing the information you learn from the course with a husband, wife, and your children.

The insights you gain from this course can be shared with family members. Rather than create a situation where your life when older mirrors the situation of your elderly parents today, learn to improve your health and plan for care in your later years through the experience of this course and caring for parents.

Pamela’s approach to educating caregivers is down-to-earth. You’ll receive practical tips that you can use today and in the future. You will improve your caregiving skills and all life relationships based on the information in this program. Overwhelmed caregivers will feel less stressed and able to manage all aspects of caring for elderly parents.

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Get Back to Loving Your Life

online webinar courseBeing open-minded and willing to learn is the path to begin relieving caregiver stress. Rather than allowing the responsibilities of caregiving to drive your behaviors,  decide today to take control of your life.

There are many overwhelmed caregivers who feel the same way – exhausted, frustrated, or angry that outside circumstances are taking your life off course. When life gets crazy it can be easy to be mentally dragged down by the needs of other people including elderly parents.

Gaining support caring for elderly parents means that you can learn to create balance and set boundaries in your life. Refuse to ignore situations that drain you emotionally and physically. Learn ways to respond positively to the negative people or drama queens in your life that may be an elderly parent or family member who refuses to help but likes to criticize.

Join a Community of Support

Refuse to be in the group of overwhelmed caregivers who say “caregiving ruined my life.” Learn to understand why people do what they do. Find community and commonality with other caregivers who will applaud and inspire you. Life is short, make the most of it and find joy in caring for elderly parents.

Read answers to frequently asked questions about caregiver support. Isolation and loneliness can be a hindrance to caregivers who lack the energy to change a situation that never seems to improve. These 10 Tips for Responding Positively to Unexpected Situations can offer hope for all caregivers.

Additional Support Caring for Elderly Parents

In addition to the online webinar caregiver course Taking Care of Elderly Parents, you can join Pamela’s Confidential Online Community of Caregivers to share your experiences. You’ll also receive access to the family membership library with more helpful articles.

Take care of yourself and find support caring for elderly parents today by registering for this one-of-a-kind online course that can change your caregiving life.

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