Support Caring for Elderly Parents Online Course

Are you working, going to school, raising children, and trying to find time for yourself in addition to helping parents? When life feels out of control it’s time to find support caring for elderly parents in this online course for adult children, spouses, and other caregivers.

Caregiving professionals will find information in this course that you can apply to caring for or supporting clients and patients in your workplace. By understanding the struggles that family caregivers and elderly persons experience, everyone can become more compassionate and learn how to manage the stress of caring relationships.

How to Support Aging Parents and Maintain Your Sanity

It can be challenging if not near impossible to understand the tasks, coordination, and decisions that are involved when caring for loved ones if you don’t have prior experience. Instead of responding to one crisis after another, this video course for caregivers helps you reduce worry, gain insights and build confidence to know you are doing the right things to help parents make good decisions.

Instead of spending hours searching on the Internet only to be disappointed by not finding the information you need, it’s here.

Pamela’s online webinar course called Stay at Home gives caregivers the knowledge they need to manage care situations that quickly become complicated when the health of a parent changes.

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Watch the video below to learn more about The Caring Generation® Series of Family Caregiver Programs developed by Pamela for caregivers of all ages and backgrounds.

Family Caregiver Education and Tips

Find Hope and Support

Family caregivers think they have to do it all alone until situations become so overwhelming that caregivers doubt their ability to keep going to provide care for elderly parents. It’s easy to become exhausted by the ongoing stress and day in day out wear and tear of caregiving responsibilities.

Gain Confidence to Manage the Unexpected

Learn everything you need to know about managing the unexpected situations that arise when aging parents need help and more and more of your time. Watch sections of this online webinar course or binge-watch the entire eight-module series.

The eight module online course helps you identify signs that parents need more help and manage the emotional ups and downs associated with watching the health of parents decline. Caregivers will learn how to manage and monitor health issues, create financial and legal plans, identify support services, learn the ins and outs of hiring n-home caregivers, investigate assisted living, and more.

Overwhelmed Caregivers Find Peace of Mind

support caring for aging parentsLearn everything you need to know about managing the unexpected situations that arise when aging parents need help and more and more of your time.

Watch sections of this webinar online course or binge-watch the entire eight-module series. The program begins with tips for noticing that parents need more help plus tips for caregivers to manage the emotional ups and downs associated with watching the health of a parent decline. 

Pamela D. Wilson created this program using proven processes and step-by-step plans from 20+ years of experience as a care manager, medical and financial power of attorney, court-appointed guardian, trustee, and personal representative of the estate

online course to support taking care of elderly parents

The program provides a deep dive into managing the unexpected issues that arise when aging parents want to live at home but experience increasing challenges managing day-to-day events and physical or memory difficulties. 

Instead of being surprised by ongoing events, family caregivers can be prepared. Access program information 24 hours a day featuring 70 mini-webinars (28 hours of education, downloads, and practical tips) plus 28 hours of podcasts.

Support caring for elderly parents is available in this online course available 24/7 on Pamela’s secure membership website. Find the information you need any time of day.


What’s In This Program?

  • How to understand the relationship between aging and health and work with doctors to prevent increasing levels of illness
  • Strategies to initiate discussions about topics that aging parents and other family members may want to ignore
  • Home safety tips to reduce injuries, hospitalizations, and needing nursing home care
  • Things caregivers don’t know to watch for but that are important to reduce the likelihood of parents needing more help
  • How to manage disagreements and conflicts with siblings, parents, and other family members
  • Tips to identify and care for loved ones with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other conditions related to memory loss
  • What to do when parents can no longer live alone
  • Why hospital stays for older adults can result in health conditions worsening instead of getting better
  • How to create financial plans for the costs of care, including what to do when there isn’t enough money to pay for care services or assistance
  • Tips to navigate the healthcare system and learn to advocate so you can make sure loved ones get the care they need
  • Understand the legal planning and medical permissions necessary to speak to doctors and healthcare providers about the care of your parents
  • Steps for hiring in-home caregivers, managing care, and working with the staff in assisted living and nursing homes so that parents receive care instead of being overlooked
  • Tips for managing caregiver stress and overwhelm
  • And more

Make Time To Minimize Unexpected Crises

Caregivers say they’re too busy to care for themselves or learn more about caring for aging parents. If something happens to you, what happens to the person you care for?

By taking this online webinar caregiver course you will find more time for yourself by managing your time instead of reacting to one crisis after another. Don’t put yourself on the path to burnout and exhaustion by ignoring the signs that your care situation will continue to require more of your time.

Become a more caring and competent caregiver for an aging parent resulting from the unique knowledge you learn in this course. Don’t allow caregiving responsibilities to negatively affect your marriage, family and friend relationships, career, or future opportunities. It’s time to make more time for you.

Return to Loving Life

online webinar courseBeing open-minded and willing to learn is the path to reducing caregiver stress. Rather than allowing the responsibilities of caregiving to drive your behaviors,  decide today to take control of your life.

There are many overwhelmed caregivers who feel the same way – exhausted, frustrated, or angry that outside circumstances have taken their lives off track. When life gets crazy it can be easy to be mentally dragged down by the needs of others including elderly parents.

Gaining support caring for elderly parents means that you can learn to create balance and begin to set boundaries in your life. Learn how to communicate positively to negative people who drain your energy and optimism even if these people are your family members or the person for whom you care.

Join Pamela’s Community of Support

Find community and commonality with other caregivers who will applaud and inspire you. Life is short, make the most of it and find joy in caring for elderly parents.

Read answers to frequently asked questions about caregiver support. Isolation and loneliness can prevent family caregivers, who lack the energy to change a situation, to move forward.

These 10 Tips for Responding Positively to Unexpected Situations offer hope for all caregivers.

Begin changing your relationships with caring for a parent, spouse, family member, or friend today.

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