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Consumers Are Naive About the Costs of Extended Care Planning

Pamela D. Wilson is a keynote speaker on the subject of extended financial and care planning. Her expertise as a financial power of attorney, personal representative of the estate and trustee offer keynote sessions and consumer education that provide insights into the real concerns of caregiving families.

Aging adults and adult children who are caregivers worry about paying for costs of care. Being uninformed about the real costs of care is one reason that financial planners and insurance professionals find it difficult to convince clients about the importance of  extended care planning.

Extended Care Planning

When the health of a loved one takes a turn for the worse, there is rarely enough money to pay for care. Care and costs are not relevant until after a health emergency happens and by then it’s too late to create a financial plan.

Extended Care Costs Are Shocking

For corporations and professionals in the industries of banking, financial planning and long term care, Pamela shares real situations faced by family caregivers. She entertains audiences with facts and stories that focus on costs related to extended financial and care planning.

Being a caregiver results in daily challenges to navigate health and medical care. Aging adults and caregivers are shocked by extended care costs and a healthcare system than can be insensitive to the needs of aging and elderly adults.

Financial planning for extended care costs relieves stress when elderly parents or a spouse need care. Dealing with substandard quality of care, medical errors, dysfunctional family situations, family conflict, professional boundaries by healthcare providers, battles over guardianship or powers of attorney, and contested court hearings are rarely discussed.

Keynote Speaker Financial, Insurance and Extended Care Planning

Examples of topics for keynotes, live or recorded webinars and conferences for individual financial planning, and wealth planning firms are listed below. All programs are uniquely designed and created for the needs of groups and organizations.

  • Communicating the Value of Extended Care Planning: Emotional Trade-Offs and Difficult Care Choices
  • Supporting Clients: Tips for Care Planning, Managing Stress & Feeling Overwhelmed
  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly About Failing to Plan for Long Term Care
  • Choosing the Right Individual for Financial Power of Attorney: Why the Best Choice Isn’t Always Adult Children

Financial Planning & Extended Care Planning Keynote & Speaking Testimonials

Aaron Eisenach Speaker Recommendation Letter

Paradigm Group Matt Klaess Testimonial

Pamela – I just wanted to tell you that I loved your talk yesterday at the Association of Professional Women. Very inspiring.  Kristin Sullivan, Certified Financial Planner

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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA is a national caregiving expert, educator, advocate, and speaker. More than 20 years of experience as a court-appointed guardian, power of attorney, and care manager serve as Wilson’s platform to increase awareness of caregiving as an essential role in life. She is a content developer, author of all articles on this website, and videos on her YouTube Channel. Wilson hosts and produces The Caring Generation® podcast and is the author of the book The Caregiving Trap. You can reach Pamela by completing the Contact Me Form on this website.

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