Pamela D. Wilson, Caregiving Expert


caregiving expertWhat is a caregiver expert? Pamela D Wilson is a caregiving expert with personal and professional experience.

Wilson’s twenty-plus year career and experience as a court-appointed guardian, power of attorney, personal representative, trustee, care manager, author, speaker radio host, and educator are unique and make her a caregiver subject matter expert. 

Pamela D Wilson Supports Family Caregivers

If you are a family member, you know that there is no greater responsibility than caring for a loved one and having legal responsibility. Wilson’s personal caregiving experience with her family and as a caregiving expert with legal responsibility for clients offers support for caregivers managing through situations that feel overwhelming. 

The stress of being a spousal or adult child in addition to being a working caregiver trying to do it all results in physical and emotional distress. One in four persons is in the role of helping a family member and expresses concern about being unprepared for caregiving responsibilities.

Wilson’s personal experience with the loss of both parents, a brother, and a sister are the basis for the empathy and compassion that she offers to caregivers and care receivers. This personal life experience combined with professional experience since 2000 makes Pamela a rare caregiving expert. Few caregiving experts possess this unparalleled experience that includes care management and professional fiduciary experience. 

Caregiving Expertise That Bridges Knowledge Gaps

Working in the care industry coordinating care for clients means that as a caregiving expert, Pamela was immersed in the healthcare system. She worked with professionals in hospitals, nursing homes, memory care communities, assisted and independent living, insurance providers, home health care, hospice, in-home caregivers, and other providers.

These experiences lend to education for family caregivers who wish to be advocates for spouses and elderly parents who need care. Because the healthcare system is so diverse in the services offered, caregivers can become frustrated about trying to manage all aspects of care. 

Legal Expertise as a Court-Appointed Guardian, Power of Attorney, Personal Representative of the Estate and Trustee

In addition to the healthcare system, Pamela was immersed in the legal system through her responsibility as a court-appointed guardian and power of attorney. She remains a member of the Colorado Bar Association elder law section and holds the designation of a certified guardian.

As a caregiving expert, clients relied on Wilson to review power of attorney and living will documents. While elder law attorneys draft estate plans, most are not involved at the time the documents have to be implemented and healthcare decisions made.

Family caregivers face difficult decisions when managing health care and making care decisions. The insensitivity of the healthcare system and bias against the elderly means inexperienced caregivers feel intimidated or pressured to make decisions when knowledge gaps exist about all options.

Wilson’s online course, how to get guardianship of a parent provides basic information for family members considering guardianship. The online course taking care of parents at home, is a comprehensive program that educates caregivers about essential day-to-day considerations of keeping parents at home and out of nursing homes.

Financial Aspects of Care for Aging Parents

Wilson’s work with financial advisors included managing money for clients specific to distributions to pay for care and planning for extended care costs. Some clients chose to live in their homes with 24-hour care managed by Wilson and her staff.

Wilson educates financial and insurance professionals in addition to supporting family caregivers to understand the true costs of caring for aging parents. Advance planning discussions offer the most options for ensuring that elderly loved ones receive care.

Caregiver Education

This broad range of experience is a perfect combination for Wilson who develops caregiver education programs. Over the years she has provided education for a wide variety of organizations including social services, healthcare, legal, financial, police, and fire departments–all organizations that work with aging adults–or who want to raise awareness about the role of being a caregiver. 

Her work today is focused on developing programs for corporations interested in supporting working caregivers, educating clients, and prospects. Unique programs developed to increase caregiving awareness and provide ongoing caregiver support are the missing link to many employee wellness programs.  

Contact Pamela D Wilson for more information about education, speaking, elder care consultations, and more. 

Pamela D Wilson is The Caregiving Expert

No one is more experienced or knowledgeable in helping caregivers and care recipients than Pamela Wilson. Pamela is an educator and a professional caregiver. She knows what works and her advice is more than theory, it has been tested in practical application.

John J. Horan, CMSP/CFSP, Horan & McConaty

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