The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes®

The Caregiving Trap

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The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes®

Gain Insights into Caregiving that Replace Overwhelm with Calm and Certainty

Caring for aging parents and family members with declining health can stir up a range of feelings that include guilt, sadness, and exhaustion. In The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes®, Pamela D. Wilson delivers solutions that will settle your emotions and help you make informed and intelligent decisions as a caregiver and on behalf of loved ones.

Through her heartfelt advice and extensive expertise, you will acquire knowledge and skills needed to navigate the caregiving journey with honesty, respect, and dignity.

The Caregiving Trap includes straightforward information and helpful step-by-step exercises to help you:

  • Recognize early signs that loved ones will require special care and advocacy
  • Initiate conversations about sensitive mental and physical health issues
  • Acknowledge the challenges caregiving brings to family interactions and relationships
  • Identify actions you can take to facilitate clear and open communication
  • Set boundaries that allow you to avoid burnout and not sacrifice your life and well-being
  • Gain awareness of the personal and financial obligations resulting from caregiving

Praise for The Caregiving Trap

“Pamela Wilson has provided us with an information-rich, enormously detailed and practical, very deeply personal, and even fearless exploration and understanding of the all-too-often simply overwhelming care-giving process. It is a book I will keep within close reach to  share with patients and their families for years to come.” Jay Schneiders, PhD., ABPP, Clinical Neuropsychologist & Health Psychologist

“What a delight to hear from you and receive a copy of The Caregiving Trap. Seeing and hearing from such an articulate and beautiful professional woman is remarkable especially since I’ve known her since her freshmen year in high school. You make me very proud! What a great ministry you do in using the wonderful talents the Lord has bestowed upon you to help caregivers who are overburden and struggling. What a challenge you have taken on. I shall cherish your book. Fr. Dave Paul, S.M. The Marianists Province of The United States

Pamela D. Wilson is widely respected as a leading expert in the caregiving industry. Since 2000, she has helped thousands of family members and professional caregivers traverse countless challenges common to healthcare and aging. In addition to authoring The Caregiving Trap, Pamela continues yer journey as host of the radio program, The Caring Generation®.


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Curious? Take a Peek Inside

The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes

Each chapter of The Caregiving Trap focuses on helpful information for caregivers and care recipients, below is a quick peek of the Table of Contents. For a complete look, click HERE.

Chapter 1 Discovery of Life in a Cardboard Box
Chapter 2 Removing the Rose-Colored Glasses
Chapter 3 Sticker Shock—Who Really Pays?
Chapter 4 The Oreo Cookie—Stuck in the Middle

Chapter 5 The Starry-Eyes Caregiver
Chapter 6 Family Ties
Chapter 7 The Next Chapter
Chapter 8 Self Preservation

Chapter 9 Managing the Unpredictable and The Unexpected
Chapter 10 The Tip of the Iceberg
Chapter 11 The Pleasantly Forgetful

Chapter 12 Dying Changes Everything

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