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The Caring Generation® originated in 2009 by Pamela D. Wilson with the development and production of a weekly radio program for caregivers of the same name that has since transformed into Pamela’s vision of bringing individuals together world-wide who possess an interest and desire to broaden awareness of the importance of caregiving as a family and professional role in life.

Healthcare has improved significantly in the past 100 years, yet caregiving remains primarily a family responsibility.  Healthcare advances promote individuals commonly living beyond the age of eighty; advanced longevity has created ethical, provision of care and financial uncertainties.

The implementation of The Affordable Care Act has resulted in beneficial outcomes, controversy and unintended consequences. Without the implementation of some type of healthcare reform, the portion of the United States budget contributing financially to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security is unsustainable.

Daily challenges of care provision by family caregivers and by professional caregivers working in the fields of medicine, research, advocacy, skilled nursing, assisted living, retirement communities, home healthcare and in home caregiving affect the quality and availability of care for the disabled and aging. Without recognition and transformation in the professional caregiver segment, the quality and availability of care will continue to suffer.

This transformation must come from within rather than through governmental requirements or oversight.  Those with the passion to provide care in the public and private sectors must join together to create a common vision of the aspects contributing to quality and satisfaction of care. These include education and training for all caregivers not only in hard skills but in the soft skills that positively contribute to bringing dignity, joy and hope into the lives of those receiving care.  You are invited to join in, to share and to support the vision of The Caring Generation.

Caregiving: An Unexpected RoleCaregiving: An Unexpected Role

Caregiving is an unexpected role in life. Daily life and family structure continues to change; this will affect those who will become the caregivers of tomorrow. The idea of a traditional family has transformed into single parent families, families blended from prior marriages, same sex families and individuals who choose never to partner or marry. Add to this, individuals who chose to remain single or who now live alone due to separation or death of a partner or spouse. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of older adults over age 65 is projected to double between 2010 and 2050 from 40.2 to 88.5 million. How will we as a society respond to an aging population and the challenges this presents.

This changing landscape has changed not only the way we communicate, but the way we must plan today for our own care as we age. Nations worldwide are facing issues of aging populations and the reality of care for the aging. Through membership in The Caring Generation, we can learn lessons from a global perspective and from the interpersonal perspective of bringing young and old generations and family and professional caregivers together.

Effects of Healthcare ReformEffects of Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform has already changed the way we receive care.  Years ago babies were born and the aged died at home.  Hospitals were for the sick.  The United States spends more on healthcare than almost any country in the world; are we truly healthier as a result?  Sixty two of the U.S. federal budget is spent on 3 programs:  Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  This includes programs for adults and children.  Many of us realize this spending is not sustainable long term and will result in difficult choices and increased costs for healthcare.  How is healthcare reform changing the care we receive?  Changes are already occurring.  Unintended consequences have already occurred resulting in challenges for older adults who need care.

Becoming Your Own AdvocateBecoming Your Own Advocate

Ignorance is dangerous.  How can consumers and caregivers, both family and professional, and those needing care navigate a challenging healthcare system where what one don’t know or the questions not asked may result in harm?  How can we learn to advocate for ourselves?  What can we expect from our families when care is needed?  What are the main components of healthcare costs as we age?   What happens when we become an unexpected caregiver?  What should we consider when planning for our future care needs?   How do we as professional caregivers make sure that our own biases and opinions do not harm families or those needing care?  How do we navigate family and professional caregiver roles so that we are acting in the best interests of loved ones?  Education and knowledge are important aspects of the ability to advocate in a system that at times may seem to prevent rather than to provide care.

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