Your aunt has Parkinson’s disease and has been receiving in home care for almost a year. You hired a home care agency and they have been doing a good job; however one of the caregivers has approached you to see if she can work directly for your family and live in the home caring for your aunt. This is a sticky situation. Generally I would not recommend directly hiring an employee away from a home care company. First they generally have a non-compete agreement with a fee payable to the agency. But more importantly, how well do you really know this person, their ethics, their motives etc? Are you ready to become their supervisor, employer and to deal with conflicts? What happens when your aunt passes away and she is living in the home? How easy will it be for her to leave when their income stream has ended? Be very cautious in this type of situation while it may look good from an immediate view, the long term ramifications can be troublesome.

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