I was visiting with staff at a retirement community in Denver recently and we were talking about helping older adults and family members make the right choice in communities.  Questions arose about our program Precious Cargo http:///care-transitions/ and whether we would steer individuals away from a particular care community.  My response was that I never choose for families, I support them in choice by providing information with both sides (plus and minus) and allow them to choose.  However I do help them look at the long term implications of the choice whether it’s based on health conditions, finances, family situation or other considerations.  My goal is that individuals should be aware of all the facts and options when choosing a care community.  Many times family members don’t know what to ask and this results in the wrong move.  One of the retirement community staff said, “yes, we all need to sleep at night”, knowing we’re doing the right thing.  The experts at Precious Cargo do the right thing by supporting families in making the right choices.

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