No one ever says, “I can’t wait until I can move into a nursing home.”  This just doesn’t happen.  Yet because of health and circumstances for some individuals it becomes a need.  When health issues can’t be managed at home or in an assisted living or by family members it may be time to consider a nursing home — or when a hospitalization occurs and health issues are discovered that aren’t easily managed.  Living in a nursing home doesn’t have to be the end of the world or of life.  There are many good nursing homes just as there are many bad nursing homes.  What’s important is the culture and how residents rights are viewed.  What’s important is the activities available to maintain cognitive and physical function.  Can a home-like environment be created in the resident’s room.  I have seen rooms at nursing homes where it’s like another world has been created for the individual – like a dorm room that’s been transformed.  It is possible to have a positive experience in a nursing home for a loved one.  It takes work and effort.  Are you up to the challenge?

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