You’ve been diagnosed with short term memory loss but have difficulty believing the diagnosis.  How can you be forgetting things when you’ve always had a rock solid memory?  Anyone telling you that you’re forgetful is obviously wrong.  Let’s say it’s not you, but your loved one who is diagnosed.  Do you find yourself constantly correcting your loved one or becoming impatient because they forget information, do things out of character, lose keys or other items they’ve always kept track of?  Making a big deal or a scene about your loved one’s forgetfulness, especially if it’s not purposeful is cruel.  They can’t remember.  If you’re the one diagnosed with memory loss it’s time to make a plan for your future, because inevitably at the time when you need a plan most you’ll have little memory for the details.  If you find yourself in this place, a person with memory loss or a caregiver it’s time for education and making a long term care plan.

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