When some people hear the word adult day care or adult day centers they think child care.  This perception is far from the truth.  An adult day center may be just the bridge you need to prevent or delay your loved one from moving to a care community.

Imagine having 12 hours to yourself at least 5 days a week for as little as $80 per day.  In what other manner could you have such a break, knowing that your loved one is totally cared for relative to meals, medications, personal care or activities?  If you are a caregiver needing time to yourself or support to delay moving your loved one to a care community or if you are an older adult wanting a little more life in your life, a day program offers something for everyone no matter your physical or cognitive needs. Some provide educational programs through computer sessions, opportunities to socialize, watch movies, outings, participate in craft programs and more; other centers have beauty, podiatry, dental, physical therapy services and access to medical care.  Most day centers have a nurse on staff.  If you haven’t considered a day center it may be time to investigate this care option.

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