Helping Those Who Refuse Your Help

 By Pamela D Wilson CSA, CG, MS, BS/BA Adult parents, patients, co-workers and friends —there are people in all of our lives who we seek to cheer up, to make feel better or to help focus on the bright side of life. Sometimes these people leave us feeling more drained... Read more

Advocate, Interpreter or Intermediary?

Elder abuse by way of caregiver privilege instead of true advocacy. The dangers of serving as an interpreter or intermediary in care situations. Return to the Advocacy Category Page Return to All Category Page Subscribers Click Below to Login Click Here to Login Like... Read more

Medications and the Mature Adult

 Many adults I work with complain about the quantity of medications their physicians prescribe.  Admittedly, many take five to ten different medications on any given day.  Many previously healthy individuals now diagnosed with a chronic disease requiring medications... Read more

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