Overwhelmed Caregiver:  How many of you feel you are in situations where the person you’re caring for is never satisfied?  Or caregiving has become such a significant part of your life that you feel you’ve given up your life.  It’s you who are angry or depressed but you don’t or can’t see a way out.  You’re a caregiver who has given so much there’s no more effort or emotion to give and even worse, you’ve become impatient and angry with the person for whom you provide care.  You constantly say to your loved one — “I can’t do this anymore, caring for you has ruined my life and my health, I’ve given up my friends and my life to care for you and I want my life back.”  You as the caregiver then complain that the person needing care doesn’t talk or interact with you.  If your situation has progressed to this point — YOU have waited too long to seek or to ask for help or to take a firm stance to set boundaries.

Overwhelmed Caregiver

It’s not possible, even practical to expect a person (the person for whom you’re providing care) who feels like a burden, who is consistently told that they’ve ruined your life — would want to talk or interact with you — they want to avoid interaction as much as possible because they feel and know that time you have to spend with them is only going to make you angrier.  It’s critically important to have early discussions about how caregiving and needing care will affect your relationship before the situation becomes an emotional train wreck.

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