Filing for Medicaid can be complicated and stressful.  Ther iss a great deal of information required with a high level of detail.

It is important not only to make the best effort to file an accurate application but to respond in a timely manner to any requests for additional information.  Understanding that this may likely be a stressful situation for you, it’s important to be polite to the account manager processing your claim.  Many applicants see this person as the enemy when this person can actually be the best opportunity to have your claim processed quickly.

The account manager’s goal is to ensure compliance with the Medicaid process.  Unfortunately due to a lack of knowledge, many families make the error of giving away money or assets which causes a delay or denial of the Medicaid claim.  Other families fail to take deadlines seriously regarding the provision of information.  Be patient and pragmatic throughout the process so that your application is approved in the shortest time possible.

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