You’re the beautician that has watched your female client decline over the past several years. Theresa once was highly organized now loses her wallet, forgets appointments and calls for directions. You probably talk to her on the phone each week more than any of her friends or extended family. Guilt has crept into your relationship. You feel that Theresa needs help but are hesitant to contact anyone because you don’t want to make trouble and the situation keeps getting worse. Know that loyalty to your client is important but you also have a duty to this person that you’ve known for years to help. If you don’t personally know a local care navigator, contacting county social services may be the next best options. Most counties have a department called Adult Protective Services and your call will remain confidential. Contacting APS is a good alternative to helping your client. After all, the beauty in helping your client is because you truly care, not just because seeing her each week supports your paycheck. The world needs more people like you.

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