When have you felt obligated or taken advantage of by another person? Sometimes this person may be a friend, sometimes it may be a child. I know many parents who have soft hearts for children, now adults who have never put their lives together. You have an adult child who keeps losing their job or one who is addicted to drugs and will not take steps to get help. Sure, this adult is your child and you love he or she, however one day you will not be around to care for them. And helping them is actually causing you personal hardship. Some months you run short on money for groceries, needed prescriptions or other necessities for yourself because you give money or write checks to an adult child who has never taken responsibility for their own life. There is a time to say no and to tell your adult child that they must learn to be responsible for their own care. You gave them years of care at home when they were a child, it’s time for them to become an adult.

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