How many times have you been in a situation where you wanted to be helpful and the situation took on a life of its own? Perhaps by helping a friend who lost a job or another who went through a divorce. And then you discovered there was a point where the friend in need became angry at you and you in turn felt that they were simply a thankless person. This type of dynamic also occurs with parents. Many children believing they are helping create a dependent parent who becomes angry when the amount or type of help is decreased. Imagine a situation where a child offers to pay a parent’s credit card bills, however the spending soon becomes out of control on items that are not really necessary for day to day living. Can you imagine the conversation when the child tells the parent they will either no longer pay the bill or will not pay for items that are unnecessary but the parent feels necessary? This happens and the fallout can be devastating, however there are ways to work through this type of situation.

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