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Caregivers benefit from practical and useful information.

How often does a search for caregiving information on the internet result in landing on a website that presents information by definition but offers little practical application or direction?  Caregiving is an unexpected role.  Family caregivers are often overwhelmed and frustrated not knowing where to find trusted, practical information that is not a referral website or a sales pitch.  Professional caregivers wear out and burn out without ongoing  support and education to manage challenging situations.  Many professional caregivers new to the industry leave due to a lack of support.

Caregivers of all backgrounds benefit from support.

All individuals are caregivers of some sort, some by profession and others by personal relationship.  The new Caring Generation website represents my personal mission to develop a caring generation of competent and compassionate family and professional caregivers with different educational and support needs. The website is collaborative through an online forum that offers family and professional caregivers the opportunity to connect and learn from one another.

The Caring Generation is a unique one-of-a-kind online community for family and professional caregivers.

The Caring Generation FREE libraryprovides articles, podcasts and videos written and produced by me offering information in 30 caregiving categories that include:  caregiving, caregiver burden and guilt, caregiver support, costs of care, memory loss, elder abuse and others.  This information is based on my experience since 2000 in the field of aging and healthcare.  Information is available through written articles, podcasts  featuring interviews with experts videos developed to address specific topics.

Family caregivers benefit from learning about common situations.

Family caregivers will find a wealth of information in the library that will receive new content each month.  Many caregivers feel that their situation is unique; some are embarassed to share concerns with others.  Caregivers feel lost when parents and family members, commonly in denial, insist “they don’t need any help.”  Others see small signs of memory loss and are unfamiliar with the long term effects. Caregivers know that decisions must be made but are uncertain about how to have conversations with parents and loved ones.

Professional caregivers benefit from honest discussion about the challenges of supporting families and managing stress in the workplace.

The goal of The Caring Generation for professional caregivers is to enhance skills and to raise the level of professionalism and collaboration in the industry.  The entry requirement for professional caregivers is a LinkedIn profile.  Professional caregivers include those working in the field of health and home care and also ancillary providers like attorneys, CPAs, bank tellers, realtors and others who work with the aging population.  There is a tendency for professionals to become tunnel visioned in their own industry.  Professional education available in The Caring Generation library bridges categories of service provision.

I invite you to visit The Caring Generation today and encourage you to become a subscriber supporting competent and compassionate caregiving.  If you are a family caregiver the information you will find will benefit your personal caregiving situation.  If you are a professional caregiver you will have the opportunity to grow and improve skills to help you become more effective in your caregiving career.  Membership is free, your information remains confidential and safe.  I look forward to sharing with you on The Caring Generation.

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About Pamela Wilson

PAMELA D. WILSON, MS, BS/BA, NCG, CSA helps caregivers and aging adults solve caregiving problems and manage caregiving needs through online programs, live support groups, and an extensive caregiving library that includes articles, podcasts, videos, and webinars.

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