All of us will need help at one time or another as we age and our physical or cognitive health weakens.  Many of us have friends who will help. Some have friendships through groups like a church.  In a perfect world these helpers will be able to set their self interests aside, meaning that they seek no reward in return for helping.  This is not always the case. Friends from church very often feel entitled to money, household goods and other personal items of the person they’re helping. The person needing help, feeling guilty that someone is helping them often give access to friends and acquaintances to bank accounts, money and personal treasures.  The entitled person uses the church as the foundation for the donations because the person needing care has a deep belief in their faith.  Many older adults needing help are willing to give money and property to their “church”.  However they don’t realize that the person they trust to transfer the gift keeps it for themselves.  Be careful of helpful friends and acquaintances who want to help in return for money or gifts.  You’ll save yourself time, grief and loss by hiring professional caregivers.

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