Are There Worse Things Than Death?

I recently interviewed Tim, a caregiver for his father with lewy body dementia.  He gained a perspective on the last years of life being without dignity and choice.  In many situations this is true.  How can we change this or is it even possible?  We’ve become a... Read more

Kicking Your Parents Out of Their House

Your parents are no longer able to care for themselves.  You’re spending evenings and weekends at their house.  You’re worn out, exhausted.  You bring up the subject of moving and they say they’re “not ready”.  Sometimes “not... Read more

Our Emotional Bond With Pets

In the news this week a report stating that we worry more about our pets than loved ones when we’re away from home.  What does this say about society, about our relationships with other people?  Pets offer unconditional love which is why we have such an... Read more