Some of my clients live very simply and do just fine.  Others have unlimited things and also do just fine.  Some who have fewer things tend to focus on taking better care of themselves.  They go for outdoor walks versus using exercise equipment or joining a gym.  They cook meals with proteins, vegetables and starches versus going out to dinner several times a week or using fancy electronic devices to make pasta, smoothies or bread.  They have indoor gardens and grow their own vegetables.  Life seems simpler for them and they are content.  This is not to say that those who have unlimited things do not take care of themselves with gym memberships, monthly massages, facials, beauty appointments.  It’s just a different way of life and nothing is wrong with either.  The consideration is how the simple and the complicated will age when health issues arise and resources change.  I know older individuals with multiple problems who can still appreciate the simple in live and others who having led very comfortable lives complain about all of the comforts they no longer have and the increase in aches and pains.  I hope I remain in the group that continues to appreciate live as I age.

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