Your children are trying to take over your life. Recently your husband passed away and although you do have some health conditions you decided you want to remain in the family home. You’ve hired help to come in to assist with housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping etc. Your daughter shows up one day and tells you she has arranged an apartment for you at a local retirement community and has a renter for your home. She did this because you had previously appointed her power of attorney and you’re shocked because you made your wishes very clear to her. My client in this particular situation immediately went to see her attorney and revoked the power of attorney for her daughter. Not only was she not moving, she was not allowing her daughter to dictate where she would live the rest of her life and how to she would spend her money. There are times when having a child as power of attorney may be helpful, that is until they go too far in making decisions about your life.

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