It’s been a week of hospice care and funerals.  I attended a military service at Ft. Logan cemetery here in Denver for a client.  My father was a WWII veteran and we had the national honor guard at a private cemetery for his service.  They performed a 21 gun salute, which at the time I was surprised to learn occurred in three rounds of seven guns and they performed the folding of the flag, which I as the youngest was given because my older brother had already received the flags of several other family members.  I kept the flag and was given the 21 shells which I placed with the flag into a case which I kept in one of my old offices.  The ceremony at Ft. Logan was similar but even more impressive because it is a veteran’s cemetery with thousands of white stones perfectly arranged in rows.  My client was buried there and a place next to him was reserved for his wife who is still living.  A 21 gun salute was given, shells offered and “Taps” played by bugle.  I was proud to have been able to attend a tribute to a man who served his country and to thank all of the others who had served and gone before him in burial.

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