Sometimes we’re surprised to find that we’re set in our ways. In my work with older adults, especially those who lack organizational skills, many resist the idea of automatic banking and bill paying. I find that I rarely write a check and I certainly no longer carry a checkbook. There’s no need with technology today. However many older adults prefer to remain in the tradition of sitting down to pay bills. The risk with this is that a bill mailed may never arrive in your mailbox. I’ve had this happens to me; I missed paying a bill because I never received it. This can be especially problematic with health insurance premiums. I have several clients who either never received a past due notice or simply forgot to pay their health or long term care insurance premiums. This can be a catastrophic event because the insurance company WILL cancel your policy. They give little consideration to issues of disorganization or forgetfulness when it comes to being paid. If you need assistance moving into the age of technology, ask your children or a professional for help. I work with many individuals on bill paying each month and once it’s automated there is really very little to do except inspect bank statements and make sure there is sufficient money in the bank account to cover monthly expenditures.

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