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Pamela D. Wilson is a caregiving expert, caregiving advocate, and caregiving speaker. With more than twenty years of professional experience as a business owner in the areas of caregiving, health care, and as a professional fiduciary, her expertise provides real solutions.

Previously serving in the roles of court appointed guardian, medical and financial power of attorney, personal representative and care manager she solves problems and identifies solutions. For professionals in legal specialties, she speaks and consults on the “dark side” of caregiving.

The dark side of caregiving is the unexpected world of daily challenges faced by family caregivers and care recipients. Substandard quality of care, medical errors, dysfunctional family situations, family conflict, professional boundaries by healthcare and care providers, aging parents and entitled children, battles over guardianship or powers of attorney, contested court hearings—the list of caregiving issues and family conflicts is never-ending.

Topics for keynotes, conferences, individual law firm online programs, half and full day on site programs and more are listed.

If you’d like a topic tailored to a subject not listed, contact Pamela.

Pamela also provides professional programming through webinars and online educational programs.

  • Removing the Rose-Colored Glasses – Winning at Contested Guardianship Hearings
  • Mental Capacity: Navigating Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Conversation Starters for Clients with Memory Loss About the Realities and Costs of Care
  • Estate Planning Documents: Information You Might Not Be Discussing with Your Clients
  • Care Neglect and Substandard Quality of Care by Care Providers and Communities
  • Family Roles of Guardian or Power of Attorney: Is Your Client Putting a Name on a Piece of Paper or Choosing an Advocate?
  • Choosing the Right Individual for Legal Responsibilities: Why the Best Choice Isn’t Always Adult Children
  • Navigating the Healthcare System: Medical Professionals Don’t Always Know Better

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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA, a National Certified Guardian and Certified Senior Advisor, is a caregiving and elder care expert, advocate, and speaker. Pamela offers family caregivers programming and support to navigate the challenges of providing, navigating, and planning for care. She guides professionals practicing in estate planning, elder and probate law, and financial planning to create plans to address unexpected concerns identified in her past role as a professional fiduciary. Healthcare professionals are supported by Pamela’s expertise to increase responsiveness and sensitivity to the extensive range of care challenges faced by care recipients and caregivers.

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