What is the Duty of Family Caregivers?

Interview With Dr. Cynthia Geppert, Chief of Consultation Psychiatry and Ethics, New Mexico Veterans Affairs Health Care System

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What is the duty of family caregivers? Are children raised to care for their elders? What duty do parents have to their children? Are spouses automatically the primary caregiver for a sick spouse?

In this podcast interview, caregiving expert, Pamela D Wilson, and Dr. Cynthia Geppert discuss the duty of family caregivers. 

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Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA is a national caregiving expert, educator, advocate, and speaker. More than 20 years of experience as a court-appointed guardian, power of attorney, and care manager serve as Wilson’s platform to increase awareness of caregiving as an essential role in life. She is a content developer, author of all articles on this website, and videos on her YouTube Channel. Wilson hosts and produces The Caring Generation® podcast and is the author of the book The Caregiving Trap. You can reach Pamela by completing the Contact Me Form on this website.


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