The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes Book Signing at Brookdale Park Place

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, Pamela D. Wilson, Author of The Caregiving Trap: Solutions for Life’s Unexpected Changes will be presenting and signing copies of her book at Brookdale Parkplace in Denver, Colorado.

This event, prior to the formal launch date of her book on October 6th, is for family and professional caregivers seeking answers to the challenges of caregiving. The book is comprised of an introducton and 12 chapters featuring a “Tale of The Caring Generation” or an “Insight” at the end of each chapter. Included in the book are insights into Wilson’s personal family experiences and stories of individuals for whom she has coordinated care. End of chapter exercises help caregivers and care recipients identify needs, ask questions, and respond confidently to the unexpected changes resulting from situations of care. Wilson’s mission includes educating family and professional caregivers to create a generation that values the elderly and models positive behaviors for younger generations.

Online registration is available. The first 50 online registrants who attend the event will receive a free, signed copy of Pamela’s book.

The Caregiving Trap includes the following themes and more:

  • How chronic disease affects care receivers and caregivers
  • Tips for maintaining a healthy life and attitude while caregiving
  • The benefits of advocacy to ensure appropriate care
  • Identifying memory loss associated with aging versus a loved one who might have dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Tips to initiating conversations of care especially when loved ones resist care
  • Working through the challenges of imperfect family situations
  • The unexpected costs of care: home care, assisted living, etc.

Pamela’s company, The Care Navigator, based in Denver, Colorado supports caregivers and care recipients by serving as an advocate, professional fiduciary, care manager, and life transition coordinator. Pamela’s educational website, The Caring Generation and the associated library are available to all visitors with free membership. The library includes articles, expert interviews, podcasts from Pamela’s Caring Generation radio program, and videos created by Pamela. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the 35 subject matter areas on The Caring Generation website to promote positive caregiving experiences and to connect with caregivers in similar situations.

Pamela D. Wilson, MS, BS/BA, CG, CSA is widely respected as a leading expert in the caregiving industry. Since 2000, she has helped thousands of family members and professional caregivers traverse countless challenges common to healthcare and aging. In addition to authoring, The Caregiving Trap, Pamela was producer and host of the radio show, The Caring Generation. Pamela may be reached at 303-205-7877 and through her company website, The Care Navigator.

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