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Professional caregiversProfessional Caregivers – Individuals working in the health and caregiving industries are called professional caregivers. Many with big hearts and good intentions find themselves trapped in situations that are overwhelming. Some professional caregivers change professions due to poorly managed stress. For professional caregivers training and education is the key to being able to continue to manage the demands of a caregiving career.

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Combatting Elder AbuseI initiated and participated in a court hearing for an older adult client who was the victim of elder abuse resulting from retaining the services of an in home companion caregiver. When the theft initially occurred, there were questions about proceeding to report the elder abuse crime especially since the items in question, a diamond ring and necklace were recovered. The in home caregiver was contacted by the employing agency and returned to the home of the client wearing the jewelry.

Tattooed And PiercedHow many times does your resident, client, co-worker or parent say, “kids today – I wonder what they’re thinking?” If we are honest we might include ourselves in this group — never wanting to admit we might be at the early stages of thinking like our parents. It’s a scary thought! You see them on city streets, behind cash registers in your place of work. You try not to stare. Your eyes become fixated on a tattoo or maybe several piercings above the eyebrow, small metal rings clinging to a lip or nose; pants hanging practically down to the knees showing an expanse of underwear above. You wonder what is it that makes someone want to molest their own body or to have so little disrespect that their underwear becomes a personal statement.

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Out Of Sight Out Of MindProtecting your company against the dangers of innocent actions that result in crossing professional boundaries.

Professional Caregiving Expanding Your WorldThe goals of The Caring Generation website for professionals are to: Raise the level of professionalism in the caregiving industry through education; Promote collaboration among professional caregivers through The Caregiving Collaborative;Educate and raise awareness and sensitivity to issues faced by family caregivers

Professional Relationships Maintaining the Zone of HelpfulnessProfessional boundaries are limits established to support appropriate relationships with clients. We all have clients who push these boundaries by wanting to become “friends”. What are methods that might be used to establish professional boundaries without alienating clients who desire a closer relationship?

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