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TipsTips sheets and checklists are caregivers who want quick tips or an answer when there is no time for extensive research. Get to the point. Give me the info. Don’t waste my time. A single tip can make a difference. Rather watch a quick video? Click HERE to check out my video playlist for caregivers. Listen to a podcast in the library. Caregiving checklists offer new ideas, possibilities, hope and remind of questions to ask. Made it through another difficult day today? Do something for yourself. Go to the happy place in your mind and relax a minute.

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10 Tips to Make Life Meaningful

10 Tips to Make Life Meaningful  By Pamela D Wilson MS, BS/BA, CSA, NCGAfter retirement, without a clear reason to get out of bed each day, some older adults lose interest in life. Life seems to lose meaning and the older adult becomes depressed, anxious, and may entertain the idea that life is no longer worth living.Below a...

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10 Surprises Associated With Aging

10 Surprises Associated With Aging  Although aging is a natural part of life, you will not give consideration to aging until your body begins to experience the effects of aging.  In this youth focused culture you might get caught up with the idea of remaining young forever and fail to consideration the surprises associated wit...

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