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Pamela D. Wilson, Caregiving Expert

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The key to changing your personal care or caregiving situation is to become more educated and to learn to advocate for yourself or others. The role of a caregiver with a long list of responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Being a care receiver brings feelings of helplessness and dependency on others as well as fear of what the future will bring.

Many caregivers and care receivers feel immobilized and exhausted; unable to take action. For caregivers, contributing more time and effort into a care relationship that has become frustrating or guilt filled may be the last thing on your mind. As a care receiver, you may have lost all hope that there are any solutions to your present situation.

Taking action to move your situation forward is the only way to make progress. You’ll find many of the answers you are seeking in our FREE Library.

The information in The Caring Generation FREE library offers education and insight not available elsewhere for both family and professional caregivers who serve care recipients and caregivers. You’ll discover a wide range of caregiving topics and ideas, stories and interviews with caregivers, physicians, and healthcare policy experts from a wide range of backgrounds.

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