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ResearchResearch – Health and caregiving research offers helpful information allowing us to better manage our daily lives and health.  Research offers hope.  Educated caregivers respond more appropriately to unexpected and ongoing situations.  Research and education are never wasted.  Invest time in learning as much as possible to support managing the stress and overwhelm often experienced in caregiving situations.

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Is Genetic Testing For You?Would you really want to know if you could?  Genetic testing is sort of like tossing the dice, winning or losing.  If you had a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease or cancer how would knowing this affect your life?  Would it make you worry on a daily basis, hastening your end of life by adding stress to your previously relaxed and blissful life?  Would knowing allow you to make a long term plan for your future and the future of your family?  Is there a benefit to knowing and if yes, what might this be?

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Are Successful Aging and Anti-Aging Competing Ideas?Aging is a hot topic especially since so many baby boomers a have passed or are near approaching the age of 65. News, articles and television commercials all focus on different aspects of aging such as prevention, managing chronic disease, the struggles of caring for aging parents and end of life.

Benefits Of Intergenerational RelationshipsFriends and acquaintances of a different age are beneficial and offer a new perspective.

Is Access To Investigational Drugs A Privilege Or A Right?How many times have you heard the statement “no risk, no gain”?  For thousands of individuals with life threatening diseases this statement has become a daily motto. These individuals, the “lab rats” of today, help promote advanced drug technologies.  But at what cost and what benefit?    At present there are thousands of ongoing clinical trials in the United States. One only needs to visit to learn more.

The 2010 Compassionate Access ActYou can download a PDF copy of the 2010 Compassionate Access Act by clicking on the link below.


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The Artificial HeartInterview With Dr. Francisco Arabia, Cardiothoracic Surgery Chair, Mayo Clinic
(podcast 10:05 playing time)
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Challenge 21 And Water For PeopleInterview with Jake Norton, Mountain Climber and Humanitarian
(podcast 12:38 playing time)
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