Professional Guardianship Standards Series Two: Service Providers, Service Plan Development, and Monitoring

By Pamela D. Wilson, CSA, MS, BS/BA, CG

Almost anyone can be a professional guardian. Are the results the same from guardian to guardian or is there a difference between professional guardians who commit to implement the standards of membership organizations?  How might wards benefit from guardians whose actions support a higher standard of care and thorough oversight? Here are a few questions to ponder regarding supervising service providers and developing service plans. .

  • Is there a difference between a family member guardian and a professional guardian relative to experience that is beneficial to managing service providers?
  • What is a service plan and why is having a plan important to the quality of care and oversight for a loved one?
  • Why is ongoing communication with all service providers beneficial?
  • What are the common pitfalls for family members serving as guardian that result in less than collaborative relationships with service providers?

The mission of the National Guardianship Association is to advance the nationally recognized standards of excellence in guardianship. NGA set the standard for quality in guardianship by establishing national practice standards for individuals. (

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