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Planning PreventionPlanning and Prevention – Just as we don’t expect to age, we don’t plan to age.  Unexpected events occur to our parents, to us the unexpected event results in an immediate need for action.  What happens when parents live thousands of miles away?  What happens when we’re single and have no one we can rely on to help us when we need care?  Preventative measures related to our health and planning relating to our care offer the best opportunity for us to remain independent. How many of us will plan?  How many of us will become an unexpected event and a care responsibility for a family member or loved one?

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Making Plans For Aging ParentsMost parents don’t want to burden their children when it comes to the provision of care in their later years if they were responsible for the care of their parents.  Other parents  expect their children to care for them personally and financially.  The only way to balance these expectations is to discuss options for long term care long before the care is needed and to have discussions and make financial plans today to cover likely expenses.

Don't Neglect Your FeetOur feet are two of the most important body parts we have. They carry us wherever we want to go, yet many of us give them the least amount of attention, especially when we become older.  Only when feet hurt or prevent us from walking easily do we give them proper attention.

Avoid Nursing Home Placement By Early InterventionsFalls occur in one-third of older adults living in the community, age 65 and older, and are associated with significant healthcare costs, increased incidence of illness and death.  Research completed by Lo (2014) through a Life-Space Assessment, indicates that as life-space declines, older adults become more increasingly frail, require more daily assistance with activities of daily living and experience significant declines in mobility.

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Effects Of Persistent PainChronic pain results in psychological and emotional problems.  Being proactive and investigating alternate therapies may offer benefit and hope.

Baby Boomers Creating The Next Financial CrisisThe news during the past decade has illustrated challenges not experienced in years:  unemployment, the loss of health care benefits, bank failures, the mortgage crises resulting in and families losing their homes and companies going out of business.  Whether or not you agree with the political side of these events, the projections regarding the need for long term care are real and will support the next financial crises.

When you slow down, you dieMy Aunt Zos was an amazing woman; full of energy and spunk. She worked in an office doing what— I don’t recall. What I do recall, at my very young age of 5, is that she was always coming and going. She never seemed to stop. She played the piano, danced, attended social events, had many friends, and was brimming with life. Aunt wore pretty dresses. Her hair was always styled.

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