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LegalLegal and estate planning deliver powers of attorney, living wills, wills, and trusts. If you are seriously injured, what life-sustaining treatment do you want? If you are a power of attorney do you understand your legal responsibilities? Are you prepared to make the hard decision to turn off life support? Is appointing a family member the best choice for power of attorney, guardian, or conservator? Learn how to have legal and estate planning discussions today. 

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Power of Attorney Principal and Agent Relationships

Power of Attorney Principal and Agent Relationships Appointing a Power of Attorney Appointing a power of attorney establishes a fiduciary relationship between the principal and the agent or attorney in fact. This means that the relationship is based on confidence and trust. The responsibility of the power of attorney is to act in the best inter...

Protecting Your Virtual Life

Protecting Your Virtual Life   Protecting your virtual life should be a life-long consideration. What information do you want everyone to know about you or find on the Internet? When young, my niece posted questionable photos and information on the internet that appeared on my Facebook page because we were friends. As a r...

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Health Risks of a Rigid Mind

Health Risks of a Rigid Mind   Health risks exist for aging adults who have rigid minds. Those who refuse to consider recommendations by physicians and who are viewed as "difficult patients" may not receive good care. Elderly parents who refuse help from their children can be viewed as stubborn. Parents who fail to plan m...

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