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Dangers of ignoranceDangers of Ignorance – This category cautions caregivers and those needing care to fully investigate resources and recommendations as those providing the information do not always have extensive experience in the areas in which they are making recommendations.  Well-meaning individuals looking in from the outside often cause more harm than good in caregiving situations. Some older adults are trusting and vulnerable to outside influence.

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Top 10 Caregiving Mistakes

Top 10 Caregiving Mistakes Caregiving mistakes are easy to make when one is new to the role of a caregiver. There is little education prior to becoming a caregiver unless aging parents prepared us for this role. As in many aspects of life, there are lessons to be learned and a lot of bumps and bruises that occur along th...

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Cardiac Rehab is Underutilized

Cardiac Rehab is Underutilized   Heart disease tops the list of chronic diseases resulting from aging.  It is one of the most under-diagnosed diseases in women, with more women dying from heart disease than breast cancer. By age forty, one in two individuals is diagnosed with high blood pressure which contributes to heart ...

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