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Denial refusal careDenial and Refusal of Care – Denial and refusal of care is frustrating for caregivers attempting to be supportive when parents refuse or deny care.  Admitting that any of us need care or assistance is difficult.  Parents and loved ones say, “I don’t need any help,” when care is needed.  How do caregivers provide support without taking over or demanding care be accepted?  Is this even possible?

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Are You in Poor Health?

Are You in Poor Health? Good health or aging successfully is not limited only to the state of your physical health and level of activity.  There are other contributing factors that are overlooked like mental health and the level of social contact and support.1    All of these factors combined whether you will age h...

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Denial is Fear in Disguise

Denial is Fear in Disguise The mother of a client was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago.  There are four children, two sisters and two brothers, in the family who rallied to provide care for the mother in the way of day to day activities such as housekeeping, meal prep, errands, laundry etc.  After about a month,...

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